Elliott attributes habit building to his success.

Kurbo is very straight forward. You track. You set goals. You develop habits. Within the first 2 weeks I had noticed changes. Beyond the weight loss, I feel better mentally. I feel more confident that I can make lasting changes and stay healthy. Until Kurbo I had tried different things to try to do better and none worked. They were all temporary, because I hadn’t built any habits. Now I have developed healthy habits.”

He used the Kurbo app to track his daily habits.

There were hiccups here or there such as missing a meal, but I tracked regularly and stayed on top of that. It was pretty easy to find out what foods were red, yellow, green. The app was very user friendly and tracking was a form of accountability. With missing a day of tracking, instead of getting angry at myself and telling myself I was stupid, I realized I could do better next time.”

Elliott appreciates the guidance he received from Coach Ann.

“Coach Ann has been fantastic. She helps keep me accountable and I couldn’t have done this without her. If I ever have questions such as, ‘Would this be a good idea?’ or ‘What can I do to improve this?,’  she always provided solutions. Without Coach Ann I wouldn’t have the wisdom and resources.” His mom shares, “He enjoys his time with Coach Ann and never misses a session. Having the accountability that doesn’t come from a parent has been a good thing.”

In addition to Coach Ann, Elliott had support from his family.

Everyone in my life has been super supportive of me developing habits and getting healthier. My mom would buy healthy snacks, like 100% fruit popsicles, or sugar free jello. My dad would buy healthy snacks too, like carrots. How are you supposed to make changes without support?”

Elliott’s mom is happy about his healthy habits!

“I’ve noticed he has a heightened awareness of what he puts in his mouth. He’s more consistent with his exercise, and he watches his portions. He’s been committed to tracking his food and avoiding red lights when he can. He’s also been good about not eating after 8 pm. We’re really pleased with how he’s chosen Kurbo as a lifestyle and not just a weight loss tool.

Running a marathon is on Elliott’s bucket list.

“I heard advice from a TED talk, always do things you like to do so that it’s not a chore. When I was walking I could listen to music, or talk to someone on the phone. Then I branched out to jogging, then running. Now I run almost daily.” Elliott runs about 1.5 miles 5 days a week. “My goal with exercise is that every time I go out I’m running or jogging and I have a long term goal of running a marathon.”

Elliott wants to remind other teenagers that results take time.

“I think what turns people off is that they don’t immediately see results. I know Kurbo will help me achieve my goals and help me craft ways to achieve those goals. I would absolutely recommend Kurbo to other teens. Give it 2 weeks and do your best. Set good goals, fulfill them, and absolutely you will see change. I know for a fact that other teens are searching for a program. Kurbo is the best you will find. I have been miserable in other programs, and Kurbo is absolutely different. You are not going to find a better program out there. The coaches are personal and they do their best to help you through this journey. Kurbo truly is different. It trades out guilt, frustration, and non-accountability to an overall much better feeling of confidence and accountability.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.