Kurbo Success Story: Marcelo Loses 11lbs and Gains Happiness After 3 Months of Kurbo**

Marcelo struggled with maintaining healthy eating habits and regular exercise until he found Kurbo. With the Kurbo app and the help of his Kurbo Coach, Marcelo was able to lose 11lbs in 3 months and his entire family has noticed his newfound happiness! We are so proud of you Marcelo! Keep up the good work!

Marcelo was on a mission to gain control of his health and began this mission by trying a variety of diets. “At the end of the summer, I started another diet that was very strict in the amount of food I could eat. Then, when I started my first year of middle school, I couldn’t maintain it. I lost like 5 lbs on my own, but I wanted to lose more weight and I just couldn’t find a way.”

While Marcelo saw some weight loss success, he hadn’t reached his goal. What he really needed was something more sustainable, something like Kurbo, a healthy eating app for kids.
“I was watching a commercial that was about eating all that you want and still losing weight. As a joke, I turned to my dad and said, “I wish I could do that.” Then my dad did some research and found Kurbo. The Kurbo, healthy eating app for kids, works better for me than the diets, because it’s easier and I still get to eat some of the stuff I like on the weekend or every once in awhile.”

Marcelo’s parents, wanting their son to improve his health and happiness, were very supportive in signing him up for Kurbo, a healthy eating app for kids.
Bertha, Marcelo’s mom, recognized that her son was struggling with being overweight and with anxiety. When her husband found out about Kurbo, they read all about the program and what a healthy eating app for kids could do for Marcelo, and together, decided that it would be perfect! Bertha especially loved that Kurbo could teach Marcelo to develop healthy eating habits, but also allow him to be a kid and eat the food he enjoys in moderation.

With access to the healthy eating app for kids and Kurbo coaching, Marcelo is making positive lifestyle changes.
For starters, Marcelo has added more variety to his diet and exercise routine. He tries new foods all the time and discovered that he likes squash, cucumber, papaya and tomato. Eating more green and yellow light substitutes helps Marcelo to minimize the number of red lights he consumes, so he could meet his weekly goals. He also likes to think of new recipes and other ways to spice up his foods by cooking them in new ways. He cooks omelettes, puts tomatoes on the griddle and once even made a hamburger with lean ground beef, veggies and avocado.

Marcelo has found ways to incorporate exercise into his routine that keeps him motivated and challenged.
Marcelo loves sports and is a huge Colts fan. Soccer, baseball and football are his favorites but Marcelo tries to incorporate other forms of physical activity into his schedule as well. He takes a 45 minute crossfit class, that uses different exercises (pushups, sits, squats) and equipment (weights, kettlebells, pullup bar) each week. Additionally, since starting Kurbo, Marcelo has been training more, creating personalized workouts that he can do right at home. Exercising energizes Marcelo, and he finds that listening to music motivates him to challenge himself even more during his workouts. He knows he worked hard when he feels sore the next day and for him, that’s a great feeling.

Bertha has also made some changes in the kitchen to help Marcelo make healthier choices.
“Well, I used to have some junk food at home,” Bertha says, “and now I can almost say I have no red lights around. Instead, I buy veggies and fruit two times weekly, and I buy a lot. I also started cooking with less oil and salt and including more vegetables in my recipes.”

All this healthy change has paid off, as Marcelo has seen fantastic results. After just 3 months, he has lost 11 pounds and is now 7% closer to a healthy BMI!**
“Today I feel good. Actually, I feel great. I’ve been getting more exercise, I’ve lost more weight, and I eat better. Another thing is that my clothes fit better now. I used to wear husky pants, but now I don’t. Every time I get dressed and look in the mirror, I know that I am getting closer and closer to my weight loss goal and that keeps me motivated.”

One of the people that has been crucial to Marcelo’s success, is his Kurbo coach, Allison.AllisonFalk Kurbo Coach for healthy eating app for kids
Marcelo doesn’t think he would be able to lose weight as quickly as he has been without working with a coach. Allison helps Marcelo set goals, and advises him on how many green lights to eat and how much exercise to do each day. Marcelo is particularly inspired and motivated by Allison since discovering that she is a former pro-soccer player who shares his love for sports!

Seeing her son’s success and newfound happiness, Bertha couldn’t be more pleased with Kurbo!
“Marcelo is always smiling while he is exercising. That’s something I didn’t see before and it motivates me as a mom. I see him with more energy, which helps him with sports. He loves it, so I love it too. I just want to thank Kurbo. We are really happy with the program. Marcelo is on his way and he will be doing this program for a long time. Now Paulina, my daughter, is signed up for Kurbo too!”

Congratulations Marcelo! Your Kurbo success story is truly inspiring to other Kurbo kids and we are very proud of the healthy change you have made in your life thus far! Keep up the good work!

 **This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.