Kurbo Success Story: 11-year-old Emilie lost 25 pounds in 5 months**

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In five short months, eleven-year-old Emilie’s Kurbo success story includes losing 25 pounds (a healthy 1-1 ½ pounds per week). When Emilie began Kurbo in April 2014, she weighed in at 133 pounds – today Emilie weighs a healthy 109 pounds.**

Meet Emilie…….

-10Emilie, a sixth grader from Michigan, was really unhappy with her weight and struggled to gain control over her health. Like most typical 11-year-old girls, Emilie wanted to go shopping at the mall with her friends and fit into “cute and fashionable clothes”.  And of course, she looked around at her friends who were all “sticks” and felt uncomfortable about her appearance.

“Emilie has a lot of teeny-tiny friends and never felt good about the way she looked.  Shopping last year was a nightmare!  We’d go shopping, and nothing seemed to fit.  Our shopping expeditions would end with both of us crying in the dressing room,”  shared Meredith, Emilie’s Mother.

Kurbo Health instead of Weight Watchers…….

Meredith desperately wanted to help Emilie find a weight loss program designed specifically for kids to help her to make better food choices and be healthy. They had been concerned about Emilie’s weight for a long time and struggled to find anything that would encourage and motivate a change – and most important, actually work.  Meredith had another fear – diabetes.  Emilie’s father is diabetic and therefore she has a predisposition to this disease.

Meredith was a Weight Watchers member and realized that Emilie liked her food tracking app.  She thought Weight Watchers might help Emilie, but children are not permitted to access their online tools.  Also, attending in-person meetings would not work with their busy lives.

In April 2014, Meredith  learned about Kurbo Health from a friend and immediately thought this sounded like a great program for kids. Her interest piqued when she learned Kurbo Health was mobilizing a successful weight loss program licensed from a reputable institution, Stanford University. Most importantly, Emilie would get to track her food using a  fun app and talk to a motivating coach once a week during a time that worked in her schedule.

Kurbo Health Coaching

-8Dennise (Emilie’s Kurbo Coach) was a big part of Emilie’s success.  “My Kurbo Coach was great! Dennise motivated me to stay on track by encouraging me to record my weight every week. She encouraged me to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. Dennise also stressed portion control and now I only eat a small amount of red-light foods.”

Mom was also grateful to have a Kurbo coach supporting Emilie in making healthy changes. Having Emilie work with an expert coach reduced the power struggles around food between mother and daughter. Meredith was glad to no longer be the food police and let Emilie feel accountable to someone else. “Emilie enjoyed talking to her coach each week. Dennise was always positive and supportive and gave Emile great advice.”

“I loved working with Emilie and I am so proud of her.  I was amazed at Emilie’s dedication to get healthy” — shared Dennise, Emilie’s Kurbo Coach.

Setting Emilie up for success — Mom made changes in the home…..

-11Meredith was committed to set Emilie up for success. After sessions with Emilie’s Kurbo Coach, Meredith immediately created a healthy environment for Emilie by removing the junk food in the house and replacing “unhealthy choices” like soda and chips, with fruits and vegetables. She also supported Emilie in reaching her goals around eating small portions of red-light foods, and enjoying large portions of anything in the green-light category.

“If it ain’t there, you can’t eat it!”  — shared Meredith, Emilie’s Mom

Meredith and Emilie had fun discovering healthy, yet tasty foods in the produce section of the supermarket. They found a delicious green-light snack called “cotton candy grapes”  that tasted like candy, and satisfied her sugar cravings.

-9Empowering Emilie to make better food choices and feel in control….

Emilie used to drink soda or juice when the family went out to dinner.  Now she chooses water. When the family ate meals at “Red Robin”, Emilie would eat all the fries on her plate.  Now she eats a ¼ of them. When Emilie came home from school, she grabbed snack-like chips.  Now she goes for the fruit.  Emilie exercised only twice a week in gym class.  Now Mom and Emilie are trying to do something active every day.

“The Kurbo app made Emilie feel empowered to make better food choices.  Kids don’t typically get to make a lot of choices around food. Taking me out of the equation really helped Emilie feel in control,” — shared Meredith.

Slowly and steadily, the weight started coming off…..

-7Setting and meeting goals……

A determined Emilie wanted to lose weight so she could feel confident dressing in cute clothes like the rest of her friends , and wearing a bikini at the end of the year pool party. Within four months of starting Kurbo, Emilie was at a healthy weight and could fit into “trendy clothes and skinny jeans”.  She even had her grandmother take her back-to-school shopping and purchased five bags of new clothes!  Emilie now needs to clear out her closet to make room for her new wardrobe.

With a giggle and beaming smile, Emilie shared that not only did she wear a bikini to the party, she wore one all summer long – and feels beautiful in her own skin.

Kurbo Coach, Mom and Emilie create a plan for the winter months….

As winter approaches in Michigan, Dennise, Mom and Emilie have already created an action plan to stay active inside the home  Meredith put a treadmill and elliptical machine in the basement, right in front of the television.  Mom and Emilie will exercise and watch their favorite television shows and movies – together!

The Kurbo Program

Emilie loves tracking her foods with the easy to use Kurbo app and enjoys playing the fun Kurbo games – her favorite, the Red Raisins Game. She also likes the “record your weight” feature that allows her enter her weight week by week and track her progress. In the past, Emilie knew that she was gaining weight, and felt helpless, stressed and discouraged when she looked at the numbers on the scale.  Kurbo gave her the tools and support she needed to lose weight, get healthier, and gain self-confidence. Kurbo makes tracking weight easy and inspires good habits for kids in a natural and fun way.

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**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

Thea Runyan

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