If you have tracked your food intake on the Kurbo app, you’ve probably noticed that portions are counted as whole numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). Ever wondered why there are no half portions (0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc) listed?

We know that we measure rice portions by our fists, meat and poultry by the size and thickness of our palm and bread by the size of our open hand. But what if our actual intake is smaller than the size of those standard portions?

Does this mean that we do not track it? The answer is no! Even if it is a tiny piece as compared to the standard portion, we still want you to track it. Even if it is a partial portion, round it up!

Imagine that you’re at a birthday party and there are all sorts of red light foods around you. Delicious curry and beehoon, sweet fruit punch as beverage with fruit cocktail or ice cream for dessert. A standard meal like that is easy to track when you have everything on your plate for you to visualize and count portions.

Now, picture yourself in a situation where you are with your friends, they pass around a bowl of chips, you grab one and as the bowl comes back to you, you take another. When this happens, little bites often add up over time. Of course, you can grab a measurable portion first and eat it from there so you are aware of how many portions you are taking. But what if you only take 1 or 2 chips? We want you to round it up as 1 portion of red light!

Tracking every bite also displays the most accurate sense of your eating habits. What is important is that you are conscious of what you chose to reach out for. We want you to count every food you put in your body.

When you look back on your tracking, you are be able to see not only the number of red lights but also where these red lights come from. When you are able to reflect, this is where you can slowly make behaviour changes!


Crystal is not only a Kurbo coach but also Kurbo’s social media guru! She loves to try out workout videos on Youtube especially fun dances that keeps her active. She strives to put her nutritional counselling experience into use and to inspire others find a fun way to keep fit.