Kurbo Kid’s Top Favorite Ways to Exercise Without Going to The Gym

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Kurbo kids know that exercise is important even when you can’t get to the gym. Sneaking in a session at the gym can be tough, especially when you’re busy with schoolwork, extracurricular activities and social commitments. Also, the thought of a cardio machine in a hot, packed gym can make some of us feel discouraged. Take the workout outdoors or fit it in by merely staying active during the day. Here are 4 great ways to exercise without hitting the gym!

1. Bike To School

Ditch the bus or car and grab your bike. Biking to and from school, if the distance is close enough, is a great way to exercise outside the gym. It won’t really seem like a workout, as it’s a necessity for the day anyway. You can even stop by your friends’ homes and bike ride to school together!

2. Take The Stairs

Skip the elevator and take the stairs when rushing between classes. You can even run up and down them when there’s a bit of space, perhaps at a lull in the day. All those stairs will certainly add up!

3. Join A Sport

Whether it’s a school team, a more casual club team, or just a group of your friends who enjoy a good game of basketball or baseball after school, get some play in outside. You’ll also make some friends in the process! You’ll have so much fun, it won’t feel like exercise.

4. Karaoke

Round up some friends to sing and dance to karaoke! Singing and dancing burns calories and it’s tons of fun. It is a perfect way to exercise outside the gym! Challenge some friends to a sing and dance off— it’ll raise the stakes and your exertion!

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