The holiday season is the perfect time to spend time with family, make memories, and give thanks. It’s also a season of many red lights… and that’s ok! As the calendar fills up with holiday festivities, here are some tips from Kurbo coaches to help you and your family keep a healthy holiday mindset. 

Be generous with your holiday baking 

Is there something that you bake every year for the holidays? Turn it into a family tradition by recruiting the kids to help you make it. Set aside a few to enjoy together, then make an event of gift wrapping the rest to share with friends, family, neighbors, and party hosts. It’s a win-win – win creating a family tradition, giving gifts that come from the heart and reducing the amount of red lights then tend to accumulate during this time of year! 

Feel comfortable saying no 

Often the holidays come with events, outings, meals, that feel obligatory. In reality, the holidays aren’t about saying “yes” to everything, but making the most of the time you can realistically spend celebrating. Say yes to your ultimate favorites and don’t feel guilty for prioritizing the holiday events that mean the most to you and your kids. 

Add fruits and vegetables to your favorite holiday meals 

Balance your favorite red lights on your plate with special green lights. The holidays are a perfect time to try some new fruits and vegetables, or dress up your family’s favorites in a new way. The Kurbo Holiday Cookbook is a great place to find some inspiration for updating the classics! 

Create an active family tradition

Try out a turkey trot, walk around your neighborhood to admire the decorations, or have a pre-brunch dance party. Getting some exercise is a great way to make family memories while ensuring you don’t slip out of a movement routine. 

The holidays can be a stressful time, but they don’t have to be if you plan and allow yourself to enjoy your favorite things about the season. The big takeaway here is to focus this holiday season on honoring old traditions while being proactive about creating new ones that help you and your family maintain your healthy habits and mindset.