Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Juliana, age 15, loses 40 pounds by adopting the Kurbo model of lifestyle change**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Juliana, age 15, loses 40 pounds by adopting the Kurbo model of lifestyle change**

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Juliana started feeling uncomfortable with her body starting at age 10 and by age 14, she was really miserable. “I am also super tall and I felt like I was in a corner because no one else was my size. I tried dieting and counting calories which, as I know now, never works.”

Juliana’s mom, Tracy, was worried about her and searched for things she could do to help, which is when she found Kurbo. “Her weight was upsetting her emotionally and was contributing to her severe back pain. I knew I needed to do something to help her. When I found Kurbo I was impressed with its roots and research in the successful Stanford program. The simplicity it offered a busy teenager made a lot of sense to me.”

Juliana quickly found that she could easily use and apply the Kurbo traffic light system. “I really like the red-yellow-green light system where I can still eat the things I love but just make little tweaks. I love tracking my food on the app, and  I love that I don’t ever feel guilty about entering “bad” foods. I love having a coach to report to who is counting on me to reach my goals.”

Along with loving the Kurbo system, Juliana has been blown away by her experience working with her Kurbo Coach, Monica. “I love my Kurbo Coach! Her name is Monica. The second I started talking to her she was even more excited about my journey than I was. She tells me that I inspire her, which is such a nice thing to hear from someone that you look up to. She also sends me relevant food articles during the week and always answers emails right away. They matched me up perfectly, it could not have been more perfect.”

Juliana has made phenomenal lifestyle changes since starting Kurbo. “I started working out more than I have ever worked out in my life and miss it when I don’t work out. It was relatively easy to jump into exercising more because Monica helped me gradually get to a level of physical activity that I was comfortable with. I also started eating new green light foods and now actually look forward to eating fruits and vegetables.

Both Juliana and the rest of her family have noticed how much her body and confidence has changed.
She looks absolutely amazing!  She has lost close to 40 pounds and looks not only slim but toned. I am continually impressed with Juliana. Her self-motivation is a joy to watch.” says Tracy, Juliana’s mom. “I feel like I look better in clothes and way, way more importantly, I actually feel healthy. Last week I went to a pool party and walked in feeling confident – it felt great. I still have a ways to go but I feel lighter both mentally and physically,” Juliana reports.

Juliana highly recommends Kurbo to everyone. “I absolutely recommend Kurbo to anyone. When you work with a coach who is used to working with kids and who actually understand your problems and what you are saying, it feels really good. Kurbo also allows you to have what you want in moderation and still be healthy and that is just amazing. I really love Kurbo.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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