Receive one-on-one coaching from a trained Kurbo coach.

Your dedicated Kurbo coach will meet with you and your child each week to provide encouragement, review progress and set goals.

  • Meet via phone or video conference from the comfort of your own home.
  • Receive daily motivation and support by text, phone and email.
  • Get matched with the best coach for your child’s goals and interests.
  • All coaches are behavioral modification experts who have extended experience working with kids and teens.

Learn healthier eating habits through our traffic light system.

Our easy-to-understand food classification system makes it simple for kids to identify the foods that will help them achieve their goals and limit the ones that won’t.

  • Foods are categorized by their nutrition value (e.g. carbs and sugar are reds, veggies and fruits are greens, etc.).
  • Promotes long term lifestyle change—not counting calories.
  • Proven safe and effective for kids by Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program.

Track meals and activities with our kid-friendly app.

Our easy-to-use mobile app makes it simple and fun for kids to stay on top of their food and activity choices.

  • Track food and exercise, and monitor your progress.
  • Reinforce healthy lifestyle habits through fun games and videos.
  • Learn important concepts like portion size and how to plan ahead.
  • Stay motivated and engaged through weekly challenges.

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