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Get Matched

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you a series of questions to match you with the best possible health coach to help you develop healthy habits. We take into account your goals, interests, personal preferences, likes and dislikes, hobbies and history in finding the best support team for you and your loved ones. We also factor in our health coaches’ unique backgrounds and areas of expertise

Create Goals

You and your coach will meet on a regular basis to set realistic, attainable goals. Our coaches are flexible and able to chat via text, email and phone. They’ll listen and ask questions to understand your current habits and motivations. Coaches are also well-trained to mentor and develop good habits for you or your kids. Then they’ll work closely with you to create a personalized action plan that encourages small, gradual changes week-by-week.

Track Food & Exercise

Our easy-to-use mobile app helps you learn healthy habits, track exercise and log food while engaging in fun games. Rather than focus on calorie counting, the Kurbo app utilizes our proven Traffic Light System to help you understand food choices and gradually decrease the number of reds (unhealthy foods) over time.

Review Progress

Each week you and your coach will catch up on the phone to check in on how you’re doing. They’ll review your progress, listen to your challenges and offer actionable suggestions for improvement or maintaining your healthy habits. Additionally, each Kurbo coach is available 24/7 via email and text to provide you expert support and daily accountability.

See Lasting Results!

8 out of 10 kids

Reduced their Body Mass Index

8 out of 10 adults

Reduced their Body Mass Index

9 out of 10 participants

Reported higher levels of happiness, self esteem, and confidence

8 out of 10 families adopted healthier habits!

It is helpful for parents to realize they are not the only family going through this. When you join Kurbo, you enter a community of people who are getting healthy together. You are surrounded by support.


*These are testimonials from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.


Check out our FAQs or contact us below!

Why are good habits for kids important?

Developing healthy habits for kids early on is essential to building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that 80% of overweight kids remain overweight as they enter adulthood, which increases their risk for developing chronic conditions — like diabetes — down the line. Kurbo’s personal health coaches help kids build healthy habits around food choices and physical activity and keep them on track with weekly video coaching calls.




How are healthy habits built with Kurbo?

Healthy habits are built with Kurbo through our mobile app and personal health coaches. The Kurbo mobile app features food tracking using the Traffic Light Classification System. Coaches meet weekly with kids to understand their goals, offer actionable advice and motivate them to sustain their new healthy behaviors. The results speak for themselves — 8 out of 10 of kids who participate in our 12-week coaching program lost weight and 90% reported higher levels of happiness, self-esteem and confidence.

What happens if I do not see changes in my child's weight and eating behavior/attitude after the program?

Every child is different and may not experience immediate changes to weight or behaviors during the Kurbo program.  We encourage patience and practice, as change takes time. You can be confident that your child has learned valuable skills that will last a lifetime. You always have the opportunity to sign up for additional coaching and continue to use the app.




How does the Traffic Light Classification System work?

All foods are classified as red, yellow or green based on nutritional value, calorie density and desired behavior. Green light foods are fruits and vegetables. Yellow light foods include whole grains and lean proteins. Red light foods are sugary drinks, desserts and candy. Coaches work with kids to eat more green lights, moderate yellows and gradually reduce red light foods over time. Kids will never be asked to eliminate reds or give up their favorite foods. Through basic nutrition education, behavior modification and health coaching, kids will become more aware and selective leading to healthier food choices. Note: Learn more information about the science behind the program and the traffic light system.

Does the program screen and monitor for unhealthy eating behaviors?

Coaches are trained to be aware of warning signs for unhealthy eating behaviors and are instructed to report concerns immediately. In addition, the program software is able to detect unhealthy weight change and alerts the coaching team to review and take necessary action.

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