It’s no secret that stomachs are rumbling after a long day of school, and Kurbo’s students are always on the look-out for healthy after school snacks. A crunchy snack can be a satisfying way to curb after-class hunger. But how can you work in this crunch without putting red lights like chips, pretzels, or cookies on the menu? Try these healthy (and crunchy) after school snacks.

The Salty:

  1. Grab a couple handfuls of dry yellow-light cereal for a crunchy snack! After using your hands to measure out 2 scoops, put the box away so you’re not tempted to keep crunching after your fill! Taking another scoop puts you in red light territory. 
  2. An obvious healthy after school snack (but an underrated one) is yellow light hummus with fresh veggies! The list of delicious crunchy veggies are endless: carrots, red peppers, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas eat them plain or try them in hummus. 
  3. Want to know an often overlooked yellow light? Plain popcorn. For some added flavor, try an easy recipe for ranch popcorn. 
  4. For a satisfying crunch, try Coach Emily’s recipe for salty chickpeas. These roasted treats are quick and offer a great source of protein. 
  5. If you love chips, try making your own sweet potato chips or zucchini chips.


The Sweet:

[1] To satisfy you sweet tooth in a healthier way, check out these recipes for Baked banana or apple chips

[2] Slice some apples and crunch them up for a yummy twist on the fruit. Play around with the different flavors of a variety of apples. Once you find a favorite, sprinkle on some cinnamon for a kick!

[3] Explore the different varieties of grapes to find the one you like best. Like apples, they can give you a sweet crunch and a refreshing burst of flavor!

[4] Similarly, pomegranate seeds are a fun change up but give a nice flavorful crunch. Add in these seeds to yogurt or fruit salad, or enjoy them all on their own! 

[5] Plain yogurt mixed in with berries and topped with your favorite yellow light cereal give a healthy after school creamy-crunchy snack!

Prepping snacks ahead is helpful. If you know you will be hungry when you get home, try making your healthy after school snacks the night before or at the start of the week! This way it will be ready for you to crunch on right when you arrive! Use the traffic light system championed by Kurbo to classify foods by green/yellow/red lights. This way you aren’t stuck worrying about healthy after school snacks.