Child Weight Loss Success Story: Gilbert Lowers His BMI by 3.3 Points Through Simple Lifestyle Change**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Gilbert Lowers His BMI by 3.3 Points Through Simple Lifestyle Change**

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As he went about his day, Gilbert noticed that he felt “heavy” and lacked energy. So, he set himself a goal to eat healthy. When his school offered a free Kurbo trial, Gilbert was excited to sign-up! “After being briefed by someone who works at Kurbo, we felt that the program would be really beneficial,” shares Gilbert’s mom, Wiliana.


Gilbert was paired up with Health Coach Rossi. “It was so enjoyable to talk to Coach Rossi,” says Gilbert. “She is friendly and nice to talk to.” With Coach Rossi’s help, the family started making positive change. They switched from white rice to brown rice, packed healthier school snacks, started serving clear soups with meals and cooked with portion control in mind.


Wiliana notes that Gilbert also learned how to read food labels, allowing him to be mindful of calorie density, sugar and serving size. “Since he knows how to read a food label, I see him consciously putting down red light foods in the snack section of the supermarket. That’s exciting to see as a parent.”


Gilbert also worked with Coach Rossi on increasing his daily exercise. Some of Gilbert’s favorite types of exercise are inline skating, walking, running and jumping! Wiliana says that exercise has become something that the family can do together. “We actively engage in new kinds of sports that Gilbert picks. It is fun for us to support each other. Since starting Kurbo, my relationship with Gilbert has absolutely improved.”


Wiliana has noticed a huge change in her son. Gilbert has more energy and perspires less as he goes about his day. He even lost 8 lbs and reduced his pant size!** “It takes effort and commitment to make behavior changes. It is such a nice surprise to see my son putting in that effort. We are grateful for the opportunity to do Kurbo. It is such a fun and sustainable program.”


Gilbert says he feels “excellent” and would 100% recommend Kurbo to other kids. “Kurbo uses a simple traffic light system and positive coaching to ensure that I make smart choices in my life.”


Congratulations Gilbert! Your success is inspiring to Kurbo kids all around the world. Keep up the awesome work!

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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