The CDC recommends that kids and teens get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. That may feel daunting, but Kurbo has ideas on how to make it easier to reach that goal. One key tip is to add shorter increments of movement that are fun and sustainable throughout the day. The summer weather is a huge advantage when working on increasing physical movement – there are a lot more outdoor options when the sun is shining!

Here are some summer activities to inspire kids and help them reach their physical activity goals. Parent bonus: these ideas are fun for adults too!

Water games

Whether it’s a slip and slide, water balloons, a simple bucket or garden hose, water games are classic for a reason. They are a budget-friendly fun way to let off steam, have fun, and keep cool.

Learn a new outdoor sport or skill

Dying to master the cartwheel or set a record for soccer ball juggles? Summer gives kids the time to practice a new sport or skill right in the backyard or at the park. Check out Youtube for tips from the professionals!

Fly a kite

Maybe it’s a little old school, but there’s something special about getting a kite in the air. Bring one on your next picnic or trip to the beach for a fun family activity. Take turns to see who can keep the kite in the air the longest.

Collect leaves on a nature walk

Find a new appreciation for the nature around you. Collect as many different fallen leaves as you can. After your walk, you can make leaf rubbings or press them into a book. Check out the internet or a leaf identifying app to learn more about the leaves you found.

Go for a family walk after dinner

Family traditions are key to building memories. Why not add some physical activity into your traditions? After-dinner walks are a great way to bond as a family and add some extra steps into your daily routine.