With December comes snow, family gatherings and tons of holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re planning a “staycation” or travelling somewhere for the season, take advantage of the outdoors and partake in the holiday spirit. Here are five fun activities to do in the wintertime that act as both play and exercise.

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1. Ice Skating

Grab your pals and family members, and hit the rink. Gliding around the ice burns major calories per hour and is super enjoyable. It doesn’t even feel like exercise! If you’re experienced and the rink isn’t too crowded, split into teams and play tag.

2. Sledding

Whether you have access to private land, a hilly trail or a nearby park, bundle up and grab a sled. Sledding takes a lot of effort and is so fun that time just flies by! This is a great sport to bring out a little competitive energy. Go down the hill in pairs and see who can get to the bottom fastest!

3. Have A Snowball Fight

As long as you’re in layers to stay warm and snug, throwing snowballs at your friends (playfully, of course!) is exciting and boosts activity. Rather than having a post-school television session, go for a fun wintery outing instead!

4. Build A Snowman

From gathering snow to molding it into shapes, building a snowman is a fun, festive outing that definitely boosts your activity level. Create a project for yourself, and build a family of snowmen. Bonus points if you get the members to resemble your own!

5. Go Holiday Shopping

Holiday presents are amazing, as they spread gratitude amongst your loved ones; yet, it takes a lot of time and effort to get all that shopping and wrapping done! Take charge this year. Grab the holiday present guide from your parents and start shopping! All the steps will keep you active, and you’ll feel great contributing to the holiday spirit!

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