Fun Exercises for the Weekend

Fun Exercises for the Weekend

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The weekends can be a great time to get active! Since there is no school on the weekends, your family can take more time to travel to faraway hikes or spend time learning a new type of exercise.

Below are fun activity ideas that work well with weekend schedules and are great ways to get your heart rate up.

  • Go for a hike
    • For most of us, great hikes may not be in our backyard, so weekends can be the perfect opportunity to drive a little further away to explore the great outdoors.
    • Unsure about what trail to take? Try the app or website For each hike, it gives directions, length and intensity so you can know before you go!
  • Try snow sports
    • If you live in or near snow, try any of the following: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.
    • Search Google for low-cost rental equipment near you so you can try out a sport before investing too much money in it.
  • Try indoor activities
    • Try rock climbing, indoor roller skating, indoor ice skating, or laser tag.
    • Jump around at an indoor trampoline zone.
  • Explore your neighborhood
    • Walk to the places you would normally drive to, like the grocery store if it’s close enough.
    • Check out books with popular walking routes in various cities
  • Organize a big scavenger hunt around your neighborhood for family and friends
    • Turn it into a race and you’ve got your very own “Amazing Race” competition.
    • Check out all the great ideas on Pinterest!

Remember, when you are tracking your exercise, be sure to track only the minutes that your heart rate was high, you were breathing heavy and you were sweating!

Start with just 10 minutes each day and build up towards the goal of 60 minutes every day.

Lindsay Minges

Coach Lindsay studied Public Policy at Brown University and is hoping to get her Masters in Social Work. In her free time, she loves to hike, ride horses, and watch hockey. She joined Kurbo so she could inspire kids and families to live healthier lives because she believes that healthier lives mean happier lives.

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