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Once they leave your office, it’s hard to ensure your patient’s compliance with your medical advice, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Kurbo helps kids and teens, ages 8 – 18, lose weight and develop healthy habits. In fact, 90% of kids using Kurbo have lost weight within three months and acquired a more active lifestyle. Read Kurbo Outcomes.

Why Kurbo?

  • Based on Stanford University’s pediatric obesity program
  • Incorporates 30 years of research by Stanford and SUNY Buffalo
  • “Traffic light” program produces sustained results over five and even 10 years
  • Engaging mobile app with live behavior modification coaching
  • Reduces conflicts between parents and children over food and fitness
  • Learn more about the program here.

How it helps physicians:

  • Easy to implement, just direct patients to Kurbo website or Kurbo app
  • Physician discounts that you can pass on to patients
  • Puts your practice on the cutting-edge
  • Gives parents and kids access to fun and affordable tools to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

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