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How do I know if my child is overweight?

If you are not sure if your child is overweight, you can go to the CDC website and use the Child and Teen BMI percentile calculator to find out their weight status. BMI percentile is a measure that healthcare providers most commonly use to determine if a child is at a higher-than-healthy weight for their height, age, and sex. A child at the 85th percentile or higher is considered overweight, indicating an increased risk for weight-related health issues.

What is BMI percentile?

BMI is body mass index and is calculated using a person's height and weight. For kids and teens, BMI percentile is used. Their BMI is plotted on the CDC BMI-for-age growth charts (for either girls or boys) for a percentile ranking. Percentiles are used to assess size and growth patterns of children in the United States by comparing to children of the same sex and age. For more information about BMI and BMI percentile, the CDC is a great resource.

How do I encourage my child/teen to try Kurbo?

We suggest presenting Kurbo to your child as a fun, interactive tool that will help your whole family get healthier. Show your child some of the videos on our site so they can learn how the program works, hear from kids who have experienced success, and meet some Kurbo coaches.

And we would be glad to discuss your specific needs and preferences, because we know that every family's situation is unique. Please contact us at 1-800-444-7158.

I am worried about my child’s self-esteem. Will a program that focuses on weight hurt my child’s confidence?

In a world full of weight-based bullying, one of the roles that Kurbo coaches play is to help kids develop self-confidence independent of what they weigh. On the coaching calls, we focus on separating weight from self-worth. According to our exit surveys, the majority of parents say that their kids and teens report improved self-confidence after completing Kurbo. That's because the Kurbo program is positive and supportive, and has been designed to empower kids and teens with tools that help them build healthy habits for life.