Privacy & safety

How is my family’s privacy protected?

We take the privacy of your personal health data very seriously. To learn the specifics of how we keep your information safe, read our Privacy Policy and our Notice of Privacy Practices.

How does Kurbo protect against extreme dieting and/or eating disorders?

We appreciate parents' concern about eating disorders and extreme dieting. Studies show that behavior-based weight-management programs do not cause eating disorders— in fact, they provide kids with tools to make balanced food choices and manage their weight in a healthy way. Kurbo gives your family those tools: It is an evidence-based weight-management program designed for kids and licensed from Stanford University. Kurbo uses a traffic-light food-classification system, which is backed by 30 years of research. The program focuses on behavior change for healthier eating and more activity, not dieting, banning food groups, or calorie counting. We also have a number of procedures in place to monitor for unhealthy weight-related behaviors. Coaches are trained to pick up on warning signs of unhealthy eating patterns and to report concerns immediately. The program software detects all weight changes and flags any unusual shifts. Children with a history of disordered eating are not allowed on Kurbo; we refer them to their pediatrician or healthcare provider for help finding an appropriate program.

I heard that diets and calorie counting are unsafe for children and teens. How is Kurbo different?

There is no calorie counting on Kurbo, and it's not a diet. Instead, our program uses the traffic-light system, which is designed to gradually shift kids and teens toward a healthier pattern of eating. In fact, the system is a helpful tool for anyone building healthy habits, because it puts foods into three simple groups—red, yellow, or green. Following the lights makes it easier to eat in a balanced way, but also to enjoy foods you love, being mindful of how much, and how often. The goal for all of us is to fill half our plate with green-light foods (fruits and vegetables) and split the other half between yellow-light foods like lean protein and whole grains. We stop and think about how to budget in red-light foods, but no foods are off limits.