Kurbo basics

What is Kurbo?

Kurbo is a science-based program designed specifically for kids and teens, to help them reach their health and weight goals using personal coaching and a mobile app. Kurbo is not a diet. Instead of calorie counting, Kurbo's food program is based on a traffic-light food-classification system, which is one of the most effective and well-researched tools for helping kids, teens, and families learn healthier eating habits.

Your child will meet with with their Kurbo coach once a week for a 15-minute check-in. Trained coaches help kids and teens stay focused on their goals. Together, kids and coaches problem solve using research-backed behavioral strategies, and celebrate successes along the way.  Between coaching sessions, your child will use the Kurbo app to track food and physical activity, play learning games, watch educational videos, and more, all aimed at teaching healthy habits and building confidence. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in coaching sessions and to track their own food and activity behaviors alongside their child.

What is included with Kurbo membership?

After registering for Kurbo coaching and downloading the app, you will receive a digital workbook with a list of the traffic-light foods, a grocery list, plus meal and snack ideas to help you get started. Twice a week, parents receive an email newsletter full of easy ways to set up a healthy environment for the whole family. Kurbo also offers six cookbooks full of recipes, all taste-tested and approved by kids and coaches. In addition to weekly coaching sessions, you'll have unlimited access to your Kurbo coach via text, email, or in-app chat.

Are parents expected to use Kurbo?

Parent education and involvement is very important to a child's success on Kurbo. In fact, the entire family is encouraged to participate, which is why every family member gets free access to the Kurbo app and a program workbook when you enroll one child. Parents can participate in weekly coaching sessions, receive weekly email newsletters, and have access to an expert parent coach to address specific questions and concerns.

How is the Kurbo program structured?

The Kurbo program has three main components: (1) weekly coaching sessions via video chat with a trained health coach, (2) an app for daily food and activity tracking that also includes fun learning games, breathing exercises, and videos, and (3) a wide range of resources to help parents create a healthy and supportive environment for the entire family. Coaches use 15-minute weekly calls to review what went well and what felt challenging that week. Then they'll work with your child to come up with solutions and a personalized plan to help them reach next week's goals. Parents are encouraged to participate in the Kurbo program.

What is the time commitment for Kurbo?

The daily and weekly time commitment is minimal. In addition to weekly meetings with their health coach that last for about 15 minutes, kids/teens generally spend 10 to 15 minutes a day tracking their food and activity in the app. Additional app time may be spent playing games or watching videos.

How long does the program last?

Families have a choice of enrolling in a one-month, three-month or six-month plan. It is strongly recommended that families dedicate at least three months to Kurbo to ensure sustainable changes and build healthy habits that last.

After three months, most Kurbo participants continue in a "maintenance" mode by continuing to track their food, activity, weight, and height in the app. Many Kurbo participants also choose to renew their plan so they can continue meeting with a health coach for ongoing support.