How coaching works

Does my child really need a coach?

Kurbo coaches play a critical role in your child’s success. Our highly trained and engaging coaches provide support, motivation, information, and accountability. That means parents can act as partners instead of "police," because a coach is there to keep kids on track. In each coaching session, your child will review last week’s progress and get customized tips and strategies to help them reach next week’s goals for food, activity, stress relief, and more. All of that happens in about 15 minutes by video chat.

How does my child get matched with a coach?

After registering for Kurbo, you or your teen will be asked to tell us more about their hobbies and interests as well as their health and weight goals. Your child will then be paired with a Kurbo coach who shares those interests and has experience working with your child’s age group.

Who are Kurbo coaches?

Our Kurbo coaches come from diverse professional backgrounds including counseling, education, and fitness- and nutrition-related fields. What they have in common: experience working with kids and teens and a passion for health. Each coach completes a thorough background check and receives extensive training on behavior change, health coaching, and the entire Kurbo program.

Can I change my coach?

We understand that there are times when the coach may not be the right fit for your family. Please contact Customer Support at 800-444-7158 or support@kurbo.com to switch coaches.

What happens on a coaching call? What will my child learn?

Each week your coach will introduce a new behavior or education concept like reading food labels, reducing stress, and the benefits of physical activity. Using research-based behavior modification and health-coaching techniques, the coach and your child will work together to set small achievable goals and create action plans each week to reach them. Through the process of goal setting, celebrating small successes, and problem-solving for new challenges, coaches give your child tools to take charge of their health.