Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Kurbo

What is Kurbo?

Kurbo is a mobile/online health and weight management program that’s effective for individuals of all ages and safe for the whole family. Our program is based on 30 years of research at Stanford University and SUNY Buffalo supporting children, teens and families in achieving their health and weight management goals. Kurbo combines the use of mobile app technology with expert health coaching to help families and individuals learn and maintain better eating and exercise habits, ultimately changing their lives for the better. Read more here.

What devices does Kurbo work on?

Kurbo currently works on Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS8 (or newer) and Android devices running Android 4.3.0 (or newer). If you cannot find our app through your app store, please give us a call at 1-800-444-7158 to confirm whether or not your device is supported.

How is the Kurbo program structured?

The Kurbo program has two main components: a mobile app, which includes a food tracker, educational videos and games, and a Kurbo Health Coach, who provides feedback, motivation, and support. Kurbo participants meet with their coach on video chat via Facetime or Skype regularly and can contact their coach between meetings through the in-app messaging feature.

How is my privacy and security ensured?

Any information collected about our users is used for Kurbo program purposes only. We have strict protocols in place to ensure HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance and protection for our users. For instance, we conduct background checks on all health coaches and work closely with your employers or health plan providers to ensure the Kurbo program is safe, secure, and effective for you and your family.

What will Kurbo participants learn?

Kurbo participants learn basic nutrition and behavior modification tools to help them make healthier food and exercise choices. Topics include portion control, understanding food labels, and the benefits of exercise. In addition, participants work with their coach to set realistic and motivating goals, furthering sustainable lifestyle changes.

If we only have one compatible device, can the whole family share?

Families can definitely share one device. Since each family member will receive their own login, all you need to do is log out of your account before someone else logs in.

How do we get started?

Sign up for coaching here. After signing up for a Kurbo Coaching program, you will receive email instructions on how to download the Kurbo app and set up accounts for yourself or your family. You will also receive a phone call with information about the coaching program and get matched with a coach.

I don't live in the US but would like to enroll in the Kurbo program. How can I sign up?

Right now, the app is only available in the US App Store. You can easily access it if you follow these directions. Once downloaded, sign up for a Kurbo coach here or call us and we will get you signed up.

Kurbo Results

What kind of results can we expect?

During the last year, 85% of participants who completed our programs (at least 3 months) successfully lost weight and/or reduced their BMI.

Additional reported outcomes included increased self-esteem and physical activity, fewer arguments over food and weight concerns, healthier families and significant weight loss by parents.


What is the time commitment?

The daily and weekly commitment is minimal. Participants generally spend 10-15 minutes a day tracking their food and exercise in the app combined with weekly scheduled meetings with their health coach that last for about 15 minutes. Additional time may be spent playing games or watching videos in the app.

Are parents expected to use Kurbo?

Parent education and involvement is very important to a child’s success in Kurbo. In fact, the entire family is encouraged to participate, which is why every family member gets free access to the Kurbo app when one child is enrolled. Parents also receive a weekly email newsletter and have access to an expert parent coach to answer any questions or concerns.

Kurbo Health Coaching

Who are the Kurbo coaches?

Our Kurbo coaches have diverse backgrounds in health-related fields as well as experience working with participants of all ages. Their passions and interests vary, which is why we like to take the time to match each participant with the best coach for them. Every coach completes a thorough training program with personal guidance from our co-founder/Lead Coach who has 15 years of experience at Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program. Additional monitoring is also implemented to guarantee safety. Learn more about our coaches!

How do Kurbo participants get matched with a coach?

After registering for Kurbo, you will be asked to tell us more about you or your family’s hobbies, interests, and health/ weight goals. We then use this information to choose a Kurbo coach who shares those same interests and has experience working with the participant’s age group.

Why is a coach really needed?

Kurbo coaches play a crucial role in the participant’s success. Our highly trained coaches provide support, motivation, and accountability. If the person being coached is a child, this allows the parent to take a break from being the “food police.” Each coach session only lasts about 10–15 minutes by phone or video call.

Parent Concerns

Will a program that focuses on weight hurt my child's self-esteem?

Kurbo focuses on behavior more than scale readings. We want participants to make healthier choices and feel better in addition to controlling their weight. One of the most common outcomes reported by Kurbo families is increased self-esteem. The numbers on the scale can be misleading, which is why Kurbo is focused on providing the tools that assist in achieving our participants’ personal health/ weight and overall fitness goals.

I heard that diets and calorie counting are unsafe for children & teens. How is Kurbo different?

Kurbo doesn’t teach kids calorie counting. Instead, all foods are classified as Red, Yellow or Green Lights based on the Kurbo traffic light system. The goal is to reduce Red Light foods, which are high in calorie density and lack nutrients, and increase Green Light foods, which are low calorie and rich in nutrients. Though kids are reducing calories, they are doing so without sacrificing important nutrients and still eating their favorite foods.

At Kurbo, we teach kids to improve their eating habits without feeling deprived and stressed.

I am worried about eating disorders. Is food tracking safe?

Kurbo is based on a well-researched Standford Pediatric Weight Loss Program and Kurbo has consulted with medical experts to ensure that Kurbo is safe. Experts agree that kids and teens who participate in a behavior modification program like Kurbo, which supports gradual changes over time, have a low risk for developing eating disorders, along with Kurbo’s normalization of eating patterns.

Kurbo sounds great. How do I convince my child/teen to try it?

We suggest presenting Kurbo to your child as a fun, interactive tool that will help your whole family become healthier. Make sure you suggest it in a way that doesn’t single out one family member. We have awesome videos on our site too, which can give your child a better idea of what Kurbo is and hear from kids who have experienced success through Kurbo. We often find that if a child is willing to try one coaching call, they are more willing to participate.

We know that every family’s situation is unique and urge you to contact us if you have additional questions.

How is my family’s privacy protected?

We understand that your personal health is private and we take that seriously. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy and our Notice of Privacy Practices.

What if my child just doesn't want to meet with a coach?

If your child, for whatever reason, is not interested in being coached or is too young to be coached, you may prefer our Parent Coaching option. In this case, we will provide you with tips and support to create a healthier home.

Payments & Reimbursements

Is Kurbo covered by Insurance Plan/FSA/HSA?

You may be able to get reimbursed for the cost of Kurbo plan depending on your insurance/FSA/HSA plan.

Typically, to get reimbursed for weight loss services, you have to take the following steps:

  • A health care professional provides evidence of medical necessity for the cost of a weight loss program, proving it to be an eligible medical expense.
  • When you send your reimbursement request to your insurance provider, be sure to include evidence of medical necessity (e.g., your doctor’s note or letter of medical necessity, LOMN, that specifically identifies that the recommendation and expense is for treatment of the medical condition.

Every health plan is different, so make sure to contact your insurance provider/FSA/HSA administrator for specific details. Need help? Feel free to contact us directly at or 800-444-7158 if you have questions about this process.

Can I use my FSA/HSA debit card to pay for Kurbo?

We don’t take the FSA/HSA debit card for payment at this time. However, You may be able to get reimbursed for the cost of Kurbo plan, depending on your insurance/FSA/HSA plan. Please contact your employer and/or insurance provider directly for more information.

Is financial assistance available?

We want to help every child and family to achieve their healthy living goals. If you meet certain income requirements, we may be able to offer you and your child a discounted rate. And the first coaching call is free for everyone so we hope you take advantage of that! See if Kurbo is a good fit for your family.

Contact us at or 800-444-7158 for more information.

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