This family fitness challenge is meant to help keep everyone exercising together and staying mindful of their health goals. By setting family fitness goals, you have something to work towards and have some structure around days and a way to measure your progress, too! 

Family Fitness Challenge Time! 

Kurbo has a family fitness challenge for you, if you’re up for some fun and exercise! Outside of recess and PE, making sure kids get their daily movement in can be a little tricky. Here are 3 family fitness challenge goals for you to set and ready to rock! 

Make Family Fitness a Priority 

In order to do this, a plan could totally help! Try by sitting down together and putting a few “active” days on the calendar to help you plan ahead and stick to your goals. Having the anticipation of those active challenge days can also be super motivating! 

Exercise as a unit

When everyone is involved and moving towards the same goals, family fitness can be way more exciting. Rotate who gets to choose what the “active days” will involve and even do some research to see if your local community center or gym offers group workout classes! You can have ideas on pieces of paper and draw from a hat, make a list and cross them off as you go, or come up with your own awesome way to pick your activities! 

Create Some Healthy Competition

A little competition never hurt, right? Try to have everyone use a fitness tracker or pedometer and set a step goal for the day or week. You can even look out for local 5k races and cross the finish line together. The feelings of accomplishment will be so rewarding! 

Don’t forget, once you meet the goals of your family fitness challenge you can celebrate in a healthy way and even start working towards your next goals together!