Meet Kurbo

The only proven and scalable mobile health solution that empowers kids, teens, families and individual adults to eat healthier, lose weight, and make lasting lifestyle changes.

    • Traffic light food categorization system proven more effective and medically sound than traditional calorie counting.
    • 1:1 Health coaching and goal setting with a Kurbo coach every week.
    • 24/7 Expert support through email, text messages, and phone calls.
    • Food and Fitness Tracker App simple enough for kids and teens but adults love it too.
    • Nutrition education through entertaining games and videos.

The Kurbo Health Solution

A mobile-based, proven health coaching program
designed specifically to help the entire family, kids and adults
achieve goals and create healthy habits

Kurbo App

Designed for all ages to learn, track, and monitor progress

Kurbo Platform

Data Driven Platform that creates responsive, personalized messaging with integrated trackers and scales

Kurbo Coach

Weekly individual/family video coaching plus in app chat with the Kurbo Coach

Families are eating healthier and exercising more

Innovative Approach, Proven to Work

Kids reduced their Body Mass Index
Adults reduced their Body Mass Index
Parents lost weight (who were not coached)
Parents said their families adapted healthier habits
Reported higher levels of happiness, self esteem, and confidence

The Family Halo Effect

Out of 693 apps reviewed, only Kurbo possessed all 8 strategies of evidence based weight loss: including self-monitoring, goal setting, physical activity support, healthy eating support, social support, gamification, and personalized feedback delivered via a health coach.

– JMIR mHealth (NIH) 2016  Read More

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