Meet Kurbo

The only proven and scalable mobile health solution that empowers kids, teens, and families to eat healthier, lose weight, and make lasting lifestyle changes.

    • 1:1 Health coaching and goal setting with a Kurbo coach every week.
    • 24/7 Expert support through email, text messages, and phone calls.
    • Food and Fitness Tracker App specially designed for kids and teens.
    • Nutrition education through entertaining games and videos.

The Kurbo Health Solution

A mobile-based, proven health coaching program
designed specifically to help children and families
achieve goals and create healthy habits

Mobile App for the Whole Family

Data Driven Platform

Custom Feedback and Support

Families are eating healthier and exercising more

Innovative Approach, Proven to Work

kids reduced their Body Mass Index
parents said their families adapted healthier habits
reported higher levels of happiness, self esteem, and confidence
parents lost weight

The Family Halo Effect

Impact of Childhood Obesity


Lower productivity
Reduced creativity
Higher turnover
Higher costs


Misses work
Loses focus at work
Stresses coworkers
More health problems

Overweight Child

Bullied and teased
Lower self-confidence
Poorer academic performance
More health problems

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