Committing to coaching made the difference in Luke’s Kurbo journey. “I didn’t feel good. I wanted to reach a healthier weight, bring my BMI down, and look better. I looked up ‘easy healthy eating programs for teens’ and started using the app but I gave up in three days. I was feeling very unmotivated to do anything except sit around my house. Then my mom signed me up for coaching. Having a coach lifted my spirits and helped me out a lot.” 

Luke found a friend and a role model in his Coach. “Coach Marc seemed more like a friend to me than a coach and that helped a lot. I felt like he understood me. He seemed very active himself and he was following his own eating plan. It seemed like he had been through the same thing I was going through. I felt like he could relate. Each week we didn’t talk about weight, but what foods I could eat to make me feel better.”

Marc’s coaching lessons will last a lifetime. “He taught me some things that I will remember forever.” Since it was common for Luke to struggle to get out of bed in the morning, Coach Marc taught Luke the countdown method to help him start his day. “It was a mental thing. He also showed me a website that is full of a ton of workouts you can do from anywhere, so even if I’m stuck inside I can still do good exercise. I also set goals with Coach Marc to limit my screen time. It has helped my eyes and I don’t feel like I’ve had any headaches recently.”

Coach Marc helped Luke take his favorite sports, motocross and water polo, to the next level. “I try to be more active in general. When I do school water polo I try to push myself harder than I was before because I have more energy now. I’m starting to race motocross this February and I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle so that I can do better there as well. At every session Coach Marc would say things like ‘Keep pushing forward!’ He was very motivating. Before Kurbo, I could not run a mile in 10 minutes, but now I can run a 7 min mile.”

Luke’s mom helped him by keeping healthy foods stocked for him. “Mom always asks me if I need anything at the grocery store. She will always get the food that I want. I try to eat one green light per meal. I like frozen grapes a lot. I eat a banana every morning. Sugar-free jello is one of my favorite yellow lights. I also really like whole wheat english muffins with banana. Since I started eating whole wheat seed bread, white bread doesn’t seem to have any flavor. I have not had a piece of white flour bread since we started. I make paninis with bread, chicken, light cheese with a side of green light foods almost every day.”

Luke channeled his energy into developing new habits. “I feel like I have a healthier relationship with food. I don’t feel bad about eating. If you think it’s a big change when you start eating healthier, eventually everything will be easier. I started looking for ways to eat healthier and exercise more, and that’s when I saw a big change in my weight.” Luke lost 30 pounds and really notices how much his energy has increased. “If I’m inside I feel like I have to go outside because I have so much energy.”

Luke has a new outlook on what it means to be healthy. “I feel like Kurbo gave me a healthier outlook on how healthy food can still taste good. Kurbo is not a weight loss program. It’s a lifestyle change and not a diet. Kurbo teaches you to eat healthy and set goals for your future. My whole extended family tells me how much my physical appearance has changed. That makes me feel really good about myself.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.