Child Weight Loss Story: Trini Shares Her Amazing Kurbo Achievements**

Child Weight Loss Story: Trini Shares Her Amazing Kurbo Achievements**

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 Trini Shares Her Amazing Kurbo Achievements

Trini was trying so hard to lose weight, but nothing seemed to be working!

“Kids at schools would comment about my weight” Trini explained. “It really hurt me inside and I did not want kids to think of me like that. I tried to lose weight on my own, but it would not work. I was really frustrated and annoyed.”

Then, Trini was inspired by the idea of using an app to achieve her goal to lose weight and eat healthier.

Trini’s mom, Lourdes, was using a calorie counting app, and Trini wanted something similar for herself. But Lourdes knew that calorie counting wasn’t appropriate for kids Trini’s age. So, she went online and found Kurbo listed on a  “best apps for kids” article. Liking the thought of not having to be her daughter’s “food police” anymore, Lourdes signed Trini up for Kurbo!

Kurbo created a framework for Trini to make healthy food and exercise decisions.

With her mom’s help, Trini reduced the red lights in her diet by changing the type of bread, lunch meat, cereal and milk she was eating and reducing the sweets in the house.

One of Trini’s major achievements, however, is that she has completely revamped what she eats for lunch. Trini proudly notes that her classic red-free lunches consist of a combination of the following:

  • Sandwich: Turkey, ham or sliced chicken, light cheese sandwich on whole wheat sandwich thins, sometimes mustard, no mayo
  • Salad: with olive oil & rice vinegar dressing
  • Snack: Carrots with light ranch, cutie orange, light vanilla yogurt
  • Drink: Water

Also, while Trini has always been an avid runner and soccer player, she wasn’t exercising everyday. So, her Kurbo coach, Allison, helped her gradually increase her daily exercise goal!

We started off slow, at 10 minutes a day,” Trini notes. “Then we worked our way up from there to 60 mins a day. On some days I do soccer or Girls On the Run but this helped me be active on other days.”

trini soccer

Just by making these simple changes, Trini has achieved so much!

When Trini started Kurbo, she was eating 56 reds a week. Now, she eats 16 reds per week, a tremendous jump.

It was hard at first to reduce reds but now it is easy,” Trini explains. “Knowing how many reds you have left to eat makes you more mindful of what you eat. I was really scared at first that my red light goal would go down really fast, but it actually went down really slowly. Even if you say no to a red on that day, it does not mean you don’t get that red at all. You can have it a different day. It is a lot easier than I thought.”

And by reducing her red lights and developing healthy habits,Trini has lost 10 pounds and dropped 3 BMI percentage points.**

But what is it about Kurbo that Trini credits for being the most motivating? Tracking and short-term goal setting.

“Tracking is really helpful.” Trini exclaims. “It made me realize how many reds I was really eating and It helps me decide what I should and should not eat. It is not like I can’t have a certain red. Instead, I just think about when I want it and budget for it. It also helped me learn not to eat mindlessly. I used to eat a chip every time I walked by them, but I don’t now. Also, if I do eat the chip, I will now track it!. It is also really motivating to set short term goals and just focus on each week instead of thinking too far ahead.”

Most importantly, Trini is happier and healthier since starting Kurbo.

“I feel a lot happier with how I am,” Trini says. “Everytime I see the before and after picture I just start smiling. I did not realize that I looked like that before but now that I see myself now, I can’t believe it. I run faster now too! When I ran my 5k, I took off 20 minutes from my time from the year before – last year I ran the 5k at 59 minutes and I was one of the last people to finish. This year I ran it in 34 minutes and I was really happy because I did really well in my age group. With soccer – before Kurbo I got so tired running and I wanted to come off the field, now I sprint to the ball and I don’t feel that winded. I’m a lot stronger.”trini soccer2

But parents play an important role in Kurbo too!

Lourdes recommends that parents be supportive, but let their kids make their own decisions. Reminders are ok, but nagging doesn’t work and only makes it worse!

She also thinks it is important for parents to track along with their kids, to show them that they are in this together. In fact, Lourdes has ditched her calorie counting app, because she likes Kurbo much more. And by eating a healthier diet through Kurbo, Lourdes has seen weight loss success as well!

What does Trini want to tell kids about Kurbo?

“It’s easier than you think and MUCH easier than doing it on your own, so give it a try!”


Congratulations Trini! You have achieved so much during your Kurbo journey thus far and you are an inspiration to all Kurbo kids!

We hope you are as proud of yourself as Kurbo is of you for your incredible weight loss story!


Thea Runyan, MPH, is the Lead Behavior Coach for the Pediatric Weight Control Clinic at Stanford Children’s Hospital and cofounder of Kurbo Health, the first mobile, scalable weight management solution for kids, teens, and families. Thea enjoys hiking, yoga, and hanging out with her three daughters when she isn’t helping families achieve their health goals.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

Thea Runyan

Thea Runyan, MPH is the Lead Behavior Coach for the Pediatric Weight Control Clinic at Stanford Children’s Hospital and cofounder, Head of Coaching and Curriculum of Kurbo Health, the first mobile, scalable weight management solution for kids, teens, and families. To learn more about Kurbo, please visit or contact a Kurbo coach at 800-444-7158 to discuss how to get your child engaged and excited about learning healthy lifestyles.

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