Child Weight Loss Success Story: Rebecca loses 19 pounds and lowers her BMI by 10%!**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Rebecca loses 19 pounds and lowers her BMI by 10%!**

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When she looked in the mirror, Rebecca felt different from the kids at school.

She found herself wishing she were smaller and would stop outgrowing her clothes so quickly. At the same time, Rebecca’s mom, Heather, was concerned about her daughter’s health, as obesity runs in the family. When Rebecca expressed her discomfort with her appearance, Heather knew that it was time for a change.

What Rebecca needed was a simple, kid-friendly, sustainable tool to develop healthier habits.

Heather felt she didn’t have the right information or know the right way to talk about food and weight with her daughter. She considered a nutritionist and weight watchers, but felt these options wouldn’t fit into the family’s hectic schedule or be the most appropriate for a 9-year-old. Then she happened upon an article about Kurbo on her facebook page.

“This is actually designed for kids to teach them, in a lifelong way, how to make health choices and understand moderation.” Heather says about Kurbo. “It’s not counting calories. It’s paying attention to what is really healthy and developing habits that Rebecca can incorporate into the rest of her life.”

When Rebecca said that Kurbo was something she really wanted to try, they immediately signed up.

One of the best parts about Kurbo, for Rebecca and Heather, is working with a coach.

“Having a coach there to be our cheerleader and advocate is really nice.” Heather notes. “Rebecca’s coach helps us find new recipes, answers our questions throughout each week and makes Rebecca more aware of her food choices. To have someone outside of the family recognize the effort Rebecca is putting into this is really meaningful and motivating.”

Having a Kurbo coach has also helped Heather step out of the ‘food police’ role.

“I always had to be the one to say ‘no you can’t eat that. It is not healthy’ and then struggle to explain why.” Heather explains. “Now we have someone else, an expert, to give us the information. Rebecca understands portions and the traffic light system and I can trust her to make healthy choices. Kurbo ended the constant battle our family had around food, and that is huge for us.”

Since starting Kurbo in March, the White family has totally transformed the way they eat. 

Heather knew that in order for this to work, the whole family had to get on board. So first, she changed the way she shopped at the grocery store.

“When you’re a working parent, your time is limited. I was taking the easy way out by buying prepared, unhealthy, processed foods,” Heather admits. “But now, on the weekend, I write down our meals for the entire week and make a giant shopping list. I feel very proud to know that I have everything I need in the house to make healthy meals for everyone – both for dinner and lunch for school! I start the week off with a win, and I know that we can do it!”

Heather also started following Kurbo’s pinterest page and other sites to find new, creative recipes to make throughout the week. Over time, she has learned to substitute out the red lights in recipes, like using nonfat greek yogurt instead of sour cream! (Check out Heather’s “Kurbo Foods” pinterest board here to see some of her and Rebecca’s favorite recipes!)

Through Kurbo, Rebecca has also learned to prioritize and budget her red lights.

“I stopped begging for unhealthy foods at the grocery store. Now I beg for fruit instead,” Rebecca exclaims proudly! “If I pick a red light, it is one of my favorite red lights. If we eat a red light one day, we say no to a different red light later on in the week. And if we know we have something coming up at the end of the week, like a party, we eat less reds at the start of the week.”

Staying conscious of her choices, Rebecca has gone from eating over 30 red lights to 14 (usually even less) per week!

Rebecca loves to dance, and has always been active, but changing her food choices has made all the difference.

“Before, I thought I could solve everything through activity, but once we added the food component everything changed,” Heather said. “It changed her body and increased her stamina and strength.”

And Rebecca agrees. “I feel SO much better than before,” she says. “I’m a lot stronger,  lighter and more energetic. I can jump higher, run faster, do more tricks at dance and I’ve recently mastered the monkey bars! I could never do that before Kurbo.”

This physical change has made Rebecca a lot more confident at dance.

“I saw a difference in Rebecca when she started dance this season,” Heather notes. “The way she was acting and seemed to feel about herself when she was there changed. She was more enthusiastic about dance than ever before and I think part of that was because she felt like she fit in physically with the other kids.”

Rebecca Jump

Rebecca has been so motivated to take control of her health.

“She doesn’t even ask me for the unhealthy foods anymore.” Heather notes. “She doesn’t come home and look for snacks. If she is hungry, she grabs a piece of fruit. If she has had two portions of a yellow light, she stops there, because she knows the next one is a red. She wants to do this, and I want to support her.”

“When I lose an extra pound, I do a happy dance,” Rebecca exclaims. “I feel more confident in myself and I know I am making healthy choices! I would recommend Kurbo to ANYONE. It’s fun and having a coach makes everything much less stressful. And it works!”

Rebecca Swim

Congratulations Rebecca on your amazing success. Kurbo is so proud of the changes you have made and so inspired by your dedication to the program. You are a star! Keep shining!
Cayla Pettinato is a senior at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Communication. Cayla is passionate about healthy eating and exercise, having grown up as a dancer and performer in New York. She loves helping kids gain control of their health through simple lifestyle changes and she is planning to pursue a career in health tech post-graduation.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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