Child Weight Loss Success Story: Laila loses 17 Pounds**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Laila loses 17 Pounds**

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17 pounds lighter, 10-year-old Laila Esperance feels GREAT about her Kurbo success! Laila’s Mom and Dad, Lindsey and Terri, can’t be happier!**

With a family history of diabetes, Laila’s mom, Lindsey was concerned for her daughter’s health. Lindsey needed a kid-appropriate program that would help her daughter learn to make smart choices and slim down…Sound familiar?

Laila tried cutting carbs, but wasn’t happy and failed to see results. When her grandma, Terri, suggested Kurbo after hearing about it at her work as a nurse, it seemed like exactly what Laila was looking for.

Laila loves the Kurbo app and has created an awesome, structured plan to make sure that she tracks everyday.

“Every morning I track right after breakfast,” Laila explains. “Then I track after school in the car.  I ask my mom or grandma what’s for dinner and I track my dinner before I eat it.”

One of Laila’s favorite parts about Kurbo is the weekly red light goal. Having this short-term goal each week has really helped her to cut down on red-lights!

Laila says, “I was eating a lot of reds before! Now I only have about 3 reds a day!  It was hard in the beginning, but knowing how many reds I could have each week and having a goal really helped.”

It is these short-term goals that have helped Laila get closer to reaching her long-term goal. This really shows the importance of starting small and making gradual change.

Lindsey and Terri have been a positive, motivating force for Laila and have supported her in reaching her goals.

“My mom used to cook foods with a lot of reds.” Laila says. “Now my mom and grandma cook turkey burgers and veggie burgers for me. I like to have veggie burgers now with fat free cheese, light mayo, and whole-wheat buns.”

Lindsey also notes that she has switched to 1% milk, instead of whole milk, started using whole wheat wraps instead of sliced white bread, and keeps the sweets out of the house! She learned these tips from the Kurbo app and Laila’s Kurbo coach! These changes, while small and simple, have had a tremendous impact on Laila’s health and eating habits!

What else keeps Laila motivated?

Signs of progress. Lindsey told us that when Laila steps on the scale and sees the numbers drop, her eyes light up and she sparkles. She is eating healthier, eating smaller portions and exercising more with swimming and cheerleading! She knows that her choices, are directly resulting in progress and success towards achieving her goal. She has taken control of her own health and it is showing.

Laila also loves when her Kurbo coach checks in with her. Her coach provides encouragement, motivation, answers all her questions, and helps her to recognize the progress she has made in developing healthy habits.

After 4 ½ months with Kurbo, both Laila and Lindsey agree that they would absolutely recommend Kurbo to a friend!

“Kurbo is really fun for kids.” Lindsey says. “They like the app because it’s kid-friendly and allows them to see how they’re doing. Laila especially loves the games and the videos!”

“Kurbo can change a person’s life, like if they are getting bullied about their weight at school,” – Laila Esperance, age 10

Congratulations on all the success you have already achieved Laila! We, at Kurbo, are so proud of you and are inspired by the ways in which you strive to reach your goal! Keep up the amazing work!


Coach Cayla is an undergraduate at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Communication. Cayla is passionate about healthy eating and exercise, having grown up as a dancer and performer in New York. She is planning to pursue a career in health tech post-graduation.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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