Child Weight Loss Success Story: Kacie, 7 years old, drops a significant 8 BMI points and helps her parents lose pounds, too!**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Kacie, 7 years old, drops a significant 8 BMI points and helps her parents lose pounds, too!**

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With a family history of obesity and diabetes, Kacie’s mom wanted her to gain healthy habits early on. “I’ve just felt like that is not something that is adequately taught to you as a child or even as an adult and I wanted to give her a better foundation of tools that she could build off of and not encounter the same frustrations as I have as an adult,” Kacie’s mom, Brooke says.

Kacie also was eager to start Kurbo, after experiencing frequent stomach aches.“My tummy was hurting and I thought that maybe eating healthier would make me feel better,” Kacie says. “I wanted a program that focused more on feeling good instead of focusing on weight,” Brooke shares.

She started working with Coach Hyleas on how to budget her red light foods. “My favorite red lights are chips and fruit roll ups, so now I plan when I want to eat them so that I can save up my red lights and still have them every once in awhile,” Kacie says.

Kacie and her mom created a home environment that was conducive to her new healthy lifestyle. “I have my red/yellow/green light list and portion list on the wall by the kitchen table so I can look at it when we are eating dinner or planning my lunch,” Kacie says. “I also buy a lot more fresh fruits, plain yogurt, and healthy snacks,” Brooke shares.

She’s happy that even at age 7, Kacie is now able to make her own food choices. “Before, she was just following what I did and not learning or making her own choices. She’s now learning that on days when she has too many red lights, she doesn’t feel good,” Brooke says. She’ll ask questions like ‘Is this a red?’ or ‘How much sugar is in this?’”

After 5 months with Kurbo, Kacie feels more energetic and excited to exercise. “I started soft-ball up again this season and I noticed that I’m way faster now,” Kacie says. “Prior to working with Kurbo, it would take a lot of pushing to get her to choose to go outside and play because she would rather watch TV and sit on the couch. Now it’s the opposite, she wants to go out and play, roller skate, and be active,” Brooke says.

Kacie now gets 60 minutes of exercise everyday by choosing an activity she enjoys. “Everyday when I get home, I take my shoes off and roller skate,” Kacie shares. “She roller skates every waking moment. She got them for Christmas and hasn’t really taken them off since,” Brooke says. Her active lifestyle has helped her to drop from the 94th BMI percentile to the 86th.

She has even helped her mom and dad to start making healthier choices. “Yesterday, we went to a restaurant and my dad was going to get a soda. I asked him if he could get tea instead. He said yes, so we all drank unsweetened tea together,” Kacie shares.

Kacie’s parents have seen unintentional weight loss success for themselves, too. Kacie’s dad has lost 8 lbs and her mom has lost 7 lbs.

Kacie’s advice to other Kurbo kids is to trust that if you eat healthier and exercise, you will feel better. “If you eat more green lights you will feel better and want to be active! If you have dogs, you might as well bring them too so they can get exercise. My dog is a lot happier now that I am doing Kurbo because he gets to exercise with me all the time!” Kacie says.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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