Child Weight Loss Success Story: Ava, 9 year old, loses 7 pounds and helps her parents lose weight, too.**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Ava, 9 year old, loses 7 pounds and helps her parents lose weight, too.**

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Ava’s weight was preventing her from reaching a goal she had been working so hard to achieve. “I was trying to learn my cartwheels but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get to the top of my cartwheel and I just felt like I had no energy,” Ava says. After her pediatrician told her she needed to lose weight, her mom, Stephanie, started looking for solutions.

Stephanie was exhausted from the ups and downs of putting Ava on a diet. “We tried everything to get her healthy but nothing worked,” her mom, Stephanie, shares. “I felt that we were kind of spiraling out of control because instead of losing weight she was gaining weight. That was when I saw an ad for Kurbo online and decided we would give this one last chance.”

From day one, it was clear to Ava how much her Kurbo Coach cared and wanted her to achieve her goals. “When I told Coach Colleen that I wanted to learn how to cart-wheel she encouraged me to start gymnastics. Now I go to gymnastics every week and I love it. I’m getting extra exercise while also learning how to perfect my cartwheel. Since I started I can also do a handstand and a bridge!”

When Ava has a tough week, Coach Colleen helps her and her family stay motivated. “If we feel like we’re sliding, Coach Colleen says, ‘let’s have some fun this week and try a new smoothie!’ She keeps things really exciting because she helps me think of new ways to have fun when I exercise and how to turn my favorite desserts into yellow light foods.” 

Ava’s success with Kurbo has encouraged healthy habits in her parents that have resulted in weight loss for them, too! “I’ve started tracking with Kurbo and it’s been great!” Stephanie says. “I’ve actually lost 15 pounds. My husband is not tracking, but he is eating what I cook and has also lost 15 lbs.” 

Beyond losing weight, Ava’s whole family has started spending more quality time together. “We’re all exercising together. We go for hikes, we swim a lot in our pool, and we go for bike rides as a family.  We’re having so much more fun than we used to” Stephanie notes. “We also plan our meals every weekend and cook them together throughout the week which is a blast.”

At age 9, and never having cooked before, Ava discovered she loves to experiment in the kitchen. “I love coming up with my own recipes. I make a lot of yummy smoothies. Coach Colleen taught me that I can put spinach in my smoothies and it wouldn’t even change the flavor. Sometimes I freeze my smoothies to make popsicles. I’m also really good at making yellow light pizza. I use light cheese, pineapples, turkey bacon, and whole wheat crust.”

Ava has taken Kurbo and made it her own, constantly exceeding our expectations.  Last week she decided to do her Kurbo call from the pool so she could get more exercise while talking to her coach. She has even started to teach Coach Colleen some lessons.  “I like to share with her some of my favorite recipes, like making banana ice-cream. It tastes just like just ice-cream but healthy!” Ava even added her own twist to tracking her food and exercise: using emojis! 

Stephanie is so proud of how far Ava has come since she first started with Kurbo. “Certainly she has lost weight, she’s lost 7 lbs, but she’s changed in so many more important ways. She’s more active, she likes how she looks, and she’s more confident. We like going shopping now because Ava feels good trying on clothes. We just bought a new bathing suit!” 

Ava would 100% recommend Kurbo to kids and families!** “I would recommend Kurbo because if you need to lose weight it helps you get back on track! It’s fun to track everything and it encourages you to get outside and play!” Stephanie even expressed how she thought the whole process was easier than she had expected. “It definitely feels not like a diet, but a lifestyle that we can continue.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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