Teen Weight Loss Success Story: 8 lbs lighter, Lila blossoms and is ready to take on high school with confidence**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: 8 lbs lighter, Lila blossoms and is ready to take on high school with confidence**

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About to enter high school, 14-year-old Lila wanted to start feeling confident about her body. “I was feeling really bad about myself and feeling kind of depressed, I just didn’t feel good. I wanted to feel better about myself because I was at my heaviest and I wasn’t happy with myself.” Lila shares. “It was easier for her friends to be thin, and I could see that was hard on Lila,” her mom, Daphne, says.

Both Lila and Daphne felt that Kurbo was the best choice to help change her lifestyle. “I liked Kurbo’s philosophy that there aren’t any foods you can’t eat, because that makes it impossible for kids to succeed because they can’t eat with their friends,” Daphne notes. “We eat pretty healthy at home, so it really is just about making good choices outside of the house, which is what Kurbo does. It gives the kids full responsibility.”

Lila and her Coach Karen developed a close relationship right away. “Coach Karen is more like a best friend than a coach,” Lila says. “She gives me really good advice on everything, but especially on eating and exercise. For example, when I’m eating out, to look at menus before hand so I know what I want and don’t make impulsive choices. She also has great tips for making healthy snacks.”

Lila quickly started to feel her body change, and that motivated her to keep going. “Before Kurbo, I kept getting hurt so I wasn’t very active and I had previously never been getting injured. Now, my bones and muscles feel a lot stronger and healthier. Once I started seeing results, I just kept tracking because I realized that if I worked hard, I would keep changing.”

Daphne and Lila have developed a stronger and healthier mother-daughter relationship. With a certificate in nutrition, Daphne thought she would be the most qualified to help Lila with weight loss. “Truth is, it’s hard to be that person for your child. We’ve always been really close, but the food and diet element was getting in the way. We were having conversations that involved tears. Starting Kurbo relieved that tension. Now, we can talk about food without her feeling like I’m picking on her because she is the one in charge.”

Lila has learned to put a healthy twist on her passion for baking. “I love baking. I actually wanted to be a pastry chef when I was little. I used to eat everything I baked, but now I give a lot of it away as gifts for friends and family. I also try making healthy versions of my favorite recipes. When I bake banana bread, I use whole-wheat flour and maple syrup instead of sugar.”

Daphne noticed huge changes in Lila beyond just her weight loss. I’ve seen her  blossom this summer and start to feel good about herself. We’ve gone on a few shopping trips and it’s been so fun for her to try on clothes and feel good in them. I can see how that translates into a new sense of confidence,” Daphne says. “She’s now feeling confident about going into high school!”

Coach Karen is so proud of how far Lila has come since she started Kurbo. “Lila’s BMI has dropped 2.2 points! She is very committed to her health and wellness and a very positive girl. I once coached her WHILE she was walking home from a workout (essentially DURING activity). This just shows how committed she is! I know she will take what she has learned from Kurbo and use it for years to come!”

Lila recommends Kurbo for anyone who is struggling with their weight and confidence**. “It really works! I feel a lot happier and more secure with myself. When I look at pictures, it makes me feel really good because I can see a clear change. If you really try and work hard, it will show huge results so don’t give up even if you’re not immediately seeing results. Keep going because you will if you stick with it.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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