Child Weight Loss Success Story: 7 pounds lighter, Michael has transformed from “TV junkie” to an Honor Student and family role model**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: 7 pounds lighter, Michael has transformed from “TV junkie” to an Honor Student and family role model**

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Michael’s physical and mental health was quickly diminishing. “Not only did he have high triglycerides and cholesterol, but he was very tired and irritable,” his mom, Sandra, shares. “He didn’t want to get up for school, his grades started dropping, and he felt depressed. He started playing a lot of video games and not getting outside as much. Our doctor recommended better nutrition and told us to try out Kurbo.”

Michael and Sandra decided that Kurbo would be the best way to get him healthier. “I felt that I would learn a lot about how to eat healthy with Kurbo,” Michael says. Sandra also thought it was perfect for tracking foods and learning which foods were actually healthy. “We wanted to live a healthier life inside and out.”

Coach Jennifer started to show Michael how healthy food can also be tasty! Coach Jennifer was really nice and patient. She gave me good recipes for eating healthy, like adding oranges to salads. I’ve actually really love salads now. My favorite recipe she taught me is a salad with tomatoes and grilled chicken. We also keep frozen fruit in the freezer to make yummy fruit ice creams and smoothies.”

Watching Michael learn from Kurbo, Sandra realized she also needed to change what she was eating. “Now I always want to make a balanced dish at every meal, with a variety of food groups: carbs, protein, and vegetables. I learned that healthy snacks can be very good for my metabolism. Before I would give michael crackers to snack on, now we both eat fruits and vegetables as our snack,” Sandra shares. “My mom is a really good role model,” Michael says. “She doesn’t eat anything different from me, so I don’t feel like I am doing this alone”

Soon, the whole family joined in, making healthy lifestyle changes together. “We are all now eating more vegetables and not drinking as much juice. There is no junk food in the house. Before, we would have a box of cookies in the house that would disappear in a day. We used to eat until we were overfull. Now we measure portions. We also budget reds for family outings to get ice cream,” Sandra says.

Michael has changed exponentially, improving his mental and physical well-being. “He is now on the school honor roll for his good grades, he’s not playing as many video games, he gets outside a lot more, and he’s learning to play the violin,” Sandra says. “He likes to cook now, too and help out around the house. He makes his own meals and has started adding a lot of vegetables to his sandwiches. He knows what it takes to make a healthy meal. He no longer stress-eats or eats quickly when he is frustrated.”

Sandra has noticed that he has also become more secure and confident in himself. “Michael is not as shy now. In fact, he likes to be part of the group. Before Kurbo, when he put clothes on, you could see his tummy and he didn’t like that. He would wear a jacket on to hide it. Now his clothes fit better. He isn’t scared of that happening anymore.”

Michael would recommend Kurbo to other kids and families looking to start eating healthy together. “Kurbo will help you a lot with measuring your portions and learning to do other types of exercises. I really liked the app because it shows you how many reds/yellows/greens I ate each week. The Kurbo coaches are really nice, too! My coach helped me understand what it means to eat healthy.”

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