Child Weight Loss Success Story: 11 year old Phoebe learns to read food labels and drops a dramatic 9 BMI points**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: 11 year old Phoebe learns to read food labels and drops a dramatic 9 BMI points**

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Phoebe joined Kurbo so that she could feel more confident in her weight. “I personally wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I started looking for food tracking apps, but most were for adults so they weren’t going to work for me. Then I stumbled on the Kurbo app and it looked perfect.”

Coach Jennifer and Phoebe started working on introducing more healthy foods into her diet. “Once I started Kurbo and got my coach, it made me really want to try new foods because I had a goal to set. I had never tried sweet potatoes or cauliflower before and now I love them,” Phoebe shares.

Phoebe and her mom, Kristen, began to make healthy choices starting at the grocery store. “It’s hard to find snack foods that aren’t super over processed, so we’ve been taking more time to read labels on granola bars and other foods. We’ve seen that so many have added sugar as the second ingredient and that’s way more sugar than we had thought,” Kristen says.

They started using the Kurbo cookbook to make dinners filled with healthy ingredients. “We love the cookbook! It’s helpful when we need inspiration for dinner ideas. We made these really great baked chicken nuggets out of the cookbook and we are definitely going to make them again. Even my friend who is a really picky eater loved them,” Phoebe says.  

Coach Jennifer helped Phoebe troubleshoot any problems that got in the way. “When I became bored with the foods I was packing for lunch, Coach Jennifer helped me find new and healthy foods to pack, like plain popcorn instead of chips,” Phoebe says. “Phoebe doesn’t like whole wheat bread, so Coach Jennifer suggested whole wheat tortillas or pita bread which Phoebe realized she actually likes,” Kristen shares.

After just 6 months, Phoebe met her goal of losing weight and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. “In fact, I surpassed my goal because my doctor told me that my BMI should get down to the 86th percentile and now I’m even in the 82nd,” Phoebe says. “That was what kept me so motivated. I wanted to show him how much I could change by the time I had my next visit.”

Phoebe also felt herself making positive changes in ways beyond just her weight loss. “I’ve lost three pounds, but because I am growing taller, I am leaner and my BMI has dropped 9 points. Before, I didn’t like the way I looked. I would never wear tank tops or anything like that. Now, I feel more self-confident and I definitely feel comfortable wearing whatever I want.”

Kristen is proud of how much responsibility Phoebe has taken for her health. “She has always been a confident kid, but I think she feels accomplished about this and her sense of control over her health. She is diligent and honest about tracking her food and she doesn’t need me to remind her. When she knows she has reached a goal I love to see how happy she feels.”

Phoebe and Kristen would recommend Kurbo to other kids and families looking to make healthy changes. “Once you do Kurbo, you feel really awesome and you can teach your friends how to eat healthy too,” Phoebe says. “Having a coach was also really helpful. She encouraged me a lot when I would feel down. I could text her and she’d make me feel better and help me set achievable goals.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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