Vanessa was devastated when her pediatrician told her he wanted her to lose 20 pounds. “I felt sad and I felt angry. They were telling me I had to lose weight because I was too heavy. I started Kurbo because I wanted to be healthier and I wanted to lose some weight.”

Coach Ann Marie encouraged Vanessa each week, providing suggestions and support. “I really like her because she’s nice and she helps me try new veggies and green lights. She also helps me make new goals every week. I’m eating a veggie a day now and drinking more water.” With the help of her coach, Vanessa is drinking water at every meal, takes two water bottles to school every day, and no longer drinks lemonade and juice. “I even went three weeks without ice-cream!” Although she hasn’t given up her favorite food completely, Vanessa now saves her red lights for special occasions.  

Vanessa really enjoyed using the Kurbo app. “I liked the games on the app. I liked the colors. It was kid-friendly to learn the portions and colors. I liked how the coaches are nice and how you could send messages to them. I liked how you could track your foods.”

Daily exercise is fun and motivating for this winner! “I like to swim two times a week for good exercise. I also do dance class twice a week. Jazz & tap.” In addition to swim and dance, Vanessa also does triathlons, and even earned first place in her last one! She has also placed second, two times, and third, two times. Since starting Kurbo she has noticed that her overall triathlon times have improved.  

Kurbo helped the entire family interact and become healthier. Vanessa’s parent’s helped her succeed in multiple ways. “They remind me that I have to do certain things like eat a veggie. That instead of eating a red light sweet, to have fruit. They remind me to drink water.” The focus has not just been around Vanessa, however. According to Vanessa’s mom Amy, “I’m exercising more too. It has encouraged me to exercise more and make healthier choices. I feel like I’m making better life choices.”

Vanessa’s mom loved the ease of Kurbo, and the success it helped her family achieve. “I love the convenience of Kurbo. We can be anywhere and still talk to Ann Marie. I also love that we can do it in the privacy of our home. Watching Vanessa say no to things she would have never said no to before has surprised me. I’m amazed at how strong-willed and motived she is. When she sets a goal she doesn’t break it. She is very strong-willed. I see that she feels better about herself.”

“I feel happy now. I feel proud and I feel I’ve made a big improvement in myself. I’m trying new foods and starting to eat more veggies.”

Kurbo really helps you improve on your goals that you are trying to meet.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo family. Results will vary for different users. 

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