How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Candy

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Candy

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It feels like the holidays were only yesterday, and we are just now getting past all the celebrating, food and treats.  Maybe you have taken the new year as an opportunity to make a fresh start to your health and fitness goals.  And, just like that, another candy and sugar-filled holiday is upon us – Valentine’s Day!  Another day that tempts us with heart-shaped candies that we get with every Valentine at school and chocolate, cookies and cupcakes that we get from our family and friends.

And, while it’s hard to tell from everything we see in the stores and on TV, Valentine’s Day is not really about candy and sugar.  It’s about showing love to the special people in our lives.  This can be done in many, many ways that don’t involve added sugar at all!  Consider these ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day without candy:

1. Make a homemade Valentine’s Day card.

Not only does something you make yourself mean so much more than a card or candy hearts you buy in a store, it’s also really fun to do!  Release your creative juices, and create a unique, colorful Valentine with a personalized message.  Explore different color papers, markers, paints, stickers, beads, cut-outs, play-doh…the options are endless.  Create something from the heart and really make someone’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

2. Write a poem.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a sweet, heartfelt poem.  It takes a little time to make up a sweet message that rhymes, but it’s fun to take on the challenge!  Take some time to write a Valentine’s Day poem for someone you love, like your mom and dad, and they will appreciate that more than any chocolate or candy.

3. Use photos.

We all love having pictures of those we love – our family, friends and people closest to us.  Look through your photos and find ones that show a fond memory with someone special to you.  You can print one photo and put it in a cute, heart-shaped frame.  Or print out a few on a colored printer and make a fun collage.  This is a Valentine’s gift that is sure to be kept and treasured!

4. Use fruit to make treats.

As Kurbo kids know, sweet treats don’t always have to mean sugar.  Fruit is a healthy, nutritious way to make something sweet for a Valentine.  And what better way to create a red heart than with a piece of red fruit, like strawberries or watermelon?  If you want some really cool ideas, go on Pinterest and search “fruit Valentine’s for kids” and you’ll see some great treats to try like “Cupid Kabobs” and “Love Bug Fruit Cups.”

Make this Valentine’s special and different by celebrating without using candy – show your love using your heart and creativity instead!

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