Meet Allison Falk: former pro-soccer player, Stanford grad, AND Kurbo Coach

27-year-old Allison Falk, raised in Danville, California, started playing soccer when she was 7 years old. After years of training and competing on high-level teams, Allison went on to play on the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team at Stanford University from 2005 to 2008. Despite having to balance her athletics with a very rigorous academic load (as an American Studies Major with a Concentration in Law), Allison believes that the amount that she learned and improved as a soccer player in college was greater than any other period of her career. And it showed.

K2IzlAshbrTLGs3NHN6fY94Hy1d0JsNBo-TLLSYUfT0In her senior year, as Co-Captain of the Stanford team, Allison was drafted into the Women’s Professional Soccer league. She played for the Los Angeles Sol in 2009 and Philadelphia Independence for the two following seasons.

While developing her soccer skill and technique, Allison was simultaneously cultivating a passion for health and wellness.

Allison took nutrition and health classes at Stanford and discovered that what she was learning had an impact on every aspect of her life. Then, during her pro-soccer career, she got involved in the nonprofit space and began working with families to increase health and wellness through various community development programs.

Equipped with this knowledge and experience, Allison became concerned with the staggering growth of childhood obesity.

“Childhood obesity is something that we need to be very aware of and very focused on,” Allison says. “We need to start from the beginning by helping those who are currently struggling with weight, and just as importantly, preventing obesity by encouraging healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices in our communities.”

It was at an obesity prevention conference in the Bay Area where Allison found Kurbo.


Do You Dread Packing School Lunches?












It’s that time of year once again, a time when parents rejoice and kids groan. That’s right – it’s back to school time! But before you breakout the backpacks and the pencils, ask yourself this question: are you setting your children up for success when it comes to their health? Do you dread packing school lunches for your child, even though you know that packing a lunch is healthier than purchasing lunch at school?

In this edition of Kurbo’s ongoing web series, Thea Runyan of Kurbo Health talks about packing a healthy (and delicious) lunch as well as preparing easy afterschool snacks.  

Click here to watch Packing a Healthy Lunch & Easy Afterschool Snacks, presented by Kurbo.

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