Kurbo Coaches

Meet Coach Lisa: Former professional dancer turned health coach and zumba instructor!

With extensive training in health coaching, Lisa was made to be a Kurbo coach. “I received my Health Coaching Certification and Master Level Certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have specialty certifications in the area of Family Health and Prime Time Health, which is ideal for adults and seniors over the age of 40.”

She became a Kurbo coach in order to help families develop healthy eating and exercise habits. “By guiding, mentoring, and educating kids through evidence based tools and resources, they can feel empowered and confident in their ability to take ownership of their health. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to reach families all over the world.”


Meet Coach Lindsay: Dessert loving-outdoor adventure gal

Lindsay wanted to become a Kurbo Coach so she could inspire kids and families to live healthier lives. I believe that healthier lives mean happier and more fulfilled lives. I love meeting kids who are all at different stages in their health journeys. Each person I work with through Kurbo is so unique and I often learn a lot from the people I coach.”

As a coach, she is constantly inspired by her Kurbo kids and how determined they are to get healthier.  My most memorable moment was when I met a Kurbo kid who had decided to try out the program himself and was hoping that if it went well, his parents would also join.”


Meet Coach Cara: Active and outdoorsy during every season!

Coach Cara has an impressive background in nutrition and lifestyle coaching. “I received my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Bradley University. Next, I completed my dietetic internship and clinical training through Cornell University before becoming a Registered Dietitian. I’ve also completed certificate training in adolescent weight management through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.”

She wanted to be a Kurbo Coach because she would be able to build relationships with kids and families. “I became a coach after a few years of working in a clinical weight management program because I admired the dynamic nature of Kurbo. The Kurbo curriculum and program make possible what my hospital-based job couldn’t achieve: access to families all over the country and world, sessions that take place within the families’ homes, building relationships with the entire family, and redirecting some of the focus away from just food.”


Meet Coach Nicole: Yogi and outdoor explorer!

Nicole became a Kurbo Coach to help kids feel confident in themselves. “I love kids! I also am passionate about health and nutrition and know how hard it can be to struggle with weight and self-esteem as a young person. I wanted to help as many young people as I could learn to love themselves and enjoy all types of food.”

She loves helping her clients reach their goals each week. “I especially enjoy when a client reaches their ultimate goal and has a new confidence in their body and food choices. My most memorable moment as a coach was helping one of my first teenage clients lose 20lbs! She had such joy and excitement on her face when she told me that I was so happy for her.”


Meet Coach Monica: Mother, dog-lover, and experimental chef!

Coach Monica wanted to be a Kurbo coach to help kids all around the world learn to be healthy.  “I have always enjoyed reading to children and going on nature walks with them, exploring nature and science. My personal mission is to do what I can in my own small way to help our children and teens become happy, healthy, confident and successful. It takes a village to raise a child and I like to be a part of this village. I am very grateful for Kurbo for giving me a platform to further this mission while helping Kurbo families here and abroad stay healthy and happy.”

She loves that Kurbo is about forming honest and supportive connections between coaches and families. “I focus on what is going well and all the positive outcomes while brainstorming strategies together to overcome challenges. Everything that follows is an honest exchange/sharing of information, questions and answers and challenges. I am humbled that my Kurbo kids/teens feel like they can be themselves when we skype or talk on the phone. Most of them thank me at the end and one of them in particular says ‘I love you Monica’ at the end of the call. Nothing touches me more than when I see them smile at the end of our conversation.”


Meet Coach Zoe: Team USA Olympic Hopeful, Wellness Guru, and Animal Lover

Coach Zoe’s passion for health drove her to become an amazing Kurbo Coach.
“I graduated with a major in Biology and minor in studio art and I am currently getting my masters degree in Medical Sciences, with a concentration in anatomy. Health and fitness are two really important things to me and  I love being able to share what I know with others.  I also love working with kids and being able to help them learn new things.”


Meet Coach Tanya: Nurse, Super Mom, and Inspiring Coach!

As a mother and a nurse, Coach Tanya was well-prepared to be a Kurbo coach. “As a nurse, I already knew I enjoyed working with people and sharing my knowledge and passion for health. I wanted to become a Kurbo coach because I knew it would allow me to combine all the things I love most… working with children and their families, fitness, and healthy eating.”

Her favorite part about coaching is that she gets to see her Kurbo kids learn and grow. “I love meeting all these amazing families around the country who are trying to make positive changes and seeing my kids feel confident and empowered! One of my favorite moments was when one of my Kurbo kids shared her before and after picture with pride and told me that she had friends and family members joining Kurbo because of her positive influence and success.”


Meet Coach Je’Von: Team USA track athlete and Miami Heat fan

As a competitive athlete, Coach Je’Von has learned what it takes to achieve his goals. Now, he wants to give back. Through coaching with Kurbo, he is able to teach kids and families how to achieve their goals too! “I enjoy working with youth and being able to pass along lessons and values I’ve learned in life that have helped me be successful.”


Like Kurbo kids, elite athletes including Coach Je’Von are faced with challenges they must overcome. “When I first graduated from college, it was hard to find the time and motivation to go to the gym when it wasn’t mandatory anymore. What helped me the most was having a great group of training partners and friends who would hold me accountable and not let me slack. I also motivated myself by remembering my goals and knowing I couldn’t reach them without staying dedicated.”


Meet Coach Emily: TRX instructor, mother of three kids, and lover of the outdoors!

Coach Emily had to learn ways to take care of herself and her new sick baby. Born with Russell Silver Syndrome, Emily’s child had a lack of appetite and so she worked for many years to get him to a healthy place.  “I taught him to eat, and helped him learn to appreciate healthy food even though he didn’t want to eat it,“ Emily reports. She now has an extensive academic background in nutrition and health coaching. “I am passionate about teaching families how to make healthy living fun and Kurbo was the perfect fit for me to share this passion.”

Drawing on her education and her experience with her own family, Coach Emily has been able to change the lives of her Kurbo clients. “I love seeing my Kurbo kids and teens achieve goals when they never thought it was possible! Seeing their faces light up when they tell me about a new food they tried (and loved!), a recipe they made themselves, or the unhealthy food they passed up at a family gathering is priceless. It is incredibly rewarding to know that I am impacting these kids in a positive way and teaching them valuable skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.”


Inside a 16-Year-Old Girl’s Journal: Why I Love my Kurbo Coach

Two years ago, my self-confidence was extremely low due to my weight. I had just started using Kurbo, and I needed motivation to keep going with the app and set goals for myself. I heard about Kurbo’s coaching plan, and I decided to give it a try. I was extremely nervous at first, but meeting my coach, Allison Falk, eased all of my nerves. Meeting with my Kurbo coach each week played a huge part in my success with Kurbo and helped me learn how to set and achieve goals for myself.

Although I no longer have a Kurbo coach, Allison held me accountable every week for reaching my goals. If I didn’t feel motivated at any moment, I would think back to my weekly meeting with her and try to do something to achieve my goals for the week. Allison was very motivating and positive, she allowed for me to voice my opinions and express what I wanted before she stepped in with guidance. Rather than telling me what I could and couldn’t eat, Allison provided me with healthy ideas and tips for improving my meals and snacks. Allison once told me that I should try to eat a green light food with every meal, and I still adhere to that advice today. I try to slip a fruit or vegetable into my meals everyday, and it has helped me avoid red light foods at meals.