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Healthy Kids Challenge – Turn Fitness into Family Fun this Summer!

Now that school is out and kids have more time at home, help kids lessen their screen time and get their daily dose of exercise with our Kurbo healthy kids challenge! This challenge gets the family exercising together to make fitness fun! Setting these 3 fitness goals will be sure to keep you family active and having fun together throughout the summer.


Set Yourself Up for Healthy Eating Success: How to Make an Effective Meal Plan

Changing eating habits is a challenge and healthy eating plans tend to fall by the wayside when life gets hectic. Creating a weekly meal plan is a great way to set ourselves up for success when it comes to healthy eating. Having ready-made healthy snacks and meals makes it easier for you to chose healthy foods when unhealthy options may be tempting! Ready to set yourself up for healthy eating success? Check out Coach Lindsay’s easy 4 step meal plan!


Raising Picky Eaters

Here are some tips and suggestions to help when you have a picky eater on your hands!

1. Start EARLY

When children are exposed to and served a variety of fruits and vegetables starting from an early age, they are going to be more familiar and therefore more likely to be okay with seeing these foods on their plate.

2. Use Your SENSES

It can be easy to dismiss foods that look funny, smell different, or aren’t coming from fun packaging with superheroes or magic stars all over the box. Even if your child does not like a new food the first time they try it, they may need exposure to that same food around five to ten times, maybe even prepared in different ways, in order to actually decide if it’s one they enjoy. Encourage using all five senses: touch the food, smell the food, examine the food, hear if the food makes any noises when being cut or scooped, and lastly taste the food. Talking about the new food’s color, shape, smell, and texture can help them decide WHY they do or do not enjoy it. It can also be helpful to put this new food along with a favorite meal.

3. Learn how to find BALANCE

Help children to understand the importance of healthy staples in their meals, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Encourage the idea that treats or desserts are for special occasions and learning to say “no” to treats that aren’t their absolute favorites. If you limit junk food altogether, it can often trigger the desire to over consume it. Instead, find balance by eating mostly healthy foods. Eliminate the feeling of being deprived that children get when they are restricted from their favorite desserts or snacks altogether by focusing on overall balance.

4. Show them how to SUCCEED

Stay aware of the vocabulary used when addressing new foods, or foods that you personally have tried and don’t love. The actions, faces, and words surrounding these foods may influence the way your child looks at them, maybe before ever tasting it for themselves.

5. Have FUN

By allowing the incorporation of new foods to be fun, children may be more likely to enjoy the process. If new foods are introduced in a strict or stern way, the child may instead make their mind up right away that they do not like it. Try using a cookie cutter, cool straws, or their favorite dips along with the new food to encourage them to try it and have fun along the way.





Summer Exercise Activities For Your Family

TV and videogames are typical “activities” that we find kids doing over the summer, leading to weight gain and other unhealthy vacation habits. Kurbo kids and adults say that finding an activity they enjoy is the key to getting in the recommended daily 60-minutes of exercise and sticking with it. So make this summer the time to try new activities and find out which types you and your family enjoy the most. Have the whole family join in to make lasting memories and create a family culture of wellness.

Here are seven summer activities that will encourage kids to step out of their exercise comfort zones this summer!


5 Reasons Summer is a Danger Zone for Weight Gain

Summertime is the best when you’re a kid. Think back to those good old days and you may recall spending your time running around outside, playing sports or heading to the pool. Maybe you munched on sunflower seeds in the dugout during your ball game, or inhaled slices of watermelon at the beach.

All that activity must mean summer is the healthiest time of year, right?

The research may surprise you. Recent studies show you are more likely to become overweight or obese during summer. This is especially true for kids. A 3-year study published in 2016 followed 18,170 U.S. children from kindergarten through second grade, periodically measuring their body mass index (BMI).¹ The researchers found that all of the weight gains occurred over summer vacation. There was no increase in BMI over the three school years.

The summer danger zone doesn’t just apply to kids; adults can fall into the trap too. Summer parties, family vacations and longer days all offer their own temptations and can contribute to summer weight gain.

The causes of summer weight gain are less researched, but here are some factors that may contribute to the trend:


How to Exercise on a Budget

By now you’ve probably heard about the importance of daily exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Along with proper nutrition and eating habits, exercising daily will help you reach your goals quicker and sustain long term health. But do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut because you don’t have the money to join a big, popular gym? Paying monthly dues or the fees to go to fitness classes on a regular basis can really add up. Not to worry; there are plenty of ways to get exercise on a budget. Many options don’t include spending any money at all – exercising can be free for everyone!

Check out these tips on how to exercise on a budget:


How to Jump Start Your Healthy Morning Routine

Getting your day started in a healthy way sets the tone for healthy habits for the rest of the day. Busy schedules can sometimes get in the way, but planning ahead and creating a routine will make starting your day in a healthy way much easier. Here are my tips to jump start your healthy morning routine.


How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

The idea that we have to spend more money at the grocery store to eat healthier is a common misconception. Ingrained in our head is the idea that buying the most expensive organic produce or high-end food brands is the only way to ensure we are cooking a clean and nutritious meal. However, contrary to popular belief, eating healthy does not have to break the budget!  If we simply think of a meal consisting of a central protein supported by sides, such as lean steak with a side of broccoli and potatoes, we can keep it healthy and inexpensive. The key to both saving money and being healthy is to eat in and keep it simple by following these tips:


Healthy-home Pantry Makeover

The quickest way to ensure success in creating a healthy lifestyle is to start in the home with the pantry and the refrigerator. The theory behind removing unhealthy food items from your pantry and refrigerator is: out of sight, out of mind (and reach!). Keep in mind that the majority of our meals should be at home. So with a couple of steps, you can have your healthy-home pantry makeover complete and be on your way to success!

For your healthy-home pantry makeover, you’ll want to start with the basics, then build upon them as you discover meals that become favorites for your family.


Planning for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time to try new things. Without the work and restriction that schools put on children, kids have much more time and energy to put into some other fun summer activities. This is true for exercise as well, as kids can experience different types of exercise and see which one they enjoy the most. So, here are some summer activities that will encourage kids to step out of their exercise comfort zones this summer!

1: SwimmingAs this article points out, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, as it uses most muscles in our bodies, thus making our whole bodies stronger as well as being key in the fight against obesity. There are many ways that Kurbo kids have tried to get involved in swimming in the summer. For example, Meg started synchronized swimming, while other Kurbo kids joined swim teams, water polo, or just started swimming daily laps in the pool.

2: Picking up a new competitive sport: Competitive sports are fun ways to getting that heart rate up and making sure we are developing the weekly exercise habits we desire. Kurbo kid Amy gave tennis a try, while some others started team sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Such sports help Kurbo kids learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and improve athletic ability too!

3: Dance: For those inevitable summer days where it’s just way too hot outside, dancing is a great indoor alternative form of exercise. You can look up dance videos or songs on your computer and just move along to them. Dance is very popular among Kurbo kids because it is just plain fun. Not only are we getting the necessary exercise by moving around the room, but we are having loads of fun while doing it. Dancing is a great way to express ourselves and it improves our flexibility, strength, and endurance.

4: Rock climbing: What better way to step out of our comfort zones than by climbing a colossal mountain? Rock climbing is yet another form of exercise that can be fun for anybody. There are many great rock climbing camps out there for kids to sign up for and do not require a lot of time commitment, such as the one Kurbo kid Ethan is going to. In addition to the satisfaction of stepping out of the comfort zone, climbing is really good for overall strength and getting some fresh air.

5. Bike: Get on your bike, and go wherever the wind takes you (with your parent’s permission of course). You can bike around your neighborhood or find new biking trails in the area to bike as a family over the weekend.

6. Community Centers: Find a local community center that might offer free work out classes or subsidized exercise classes and call them to find out about the schedule and offerings and how you can sign up. For example, the YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs often offer fun exercise classes for kids.

Summers are not meant to be spent on the couch staring at a screen all day. So, get off the couch and dabble in a few fun forms of exercise! See which one fits you best. Maybe you will even find your new favorite hobby!