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Castlight Partners with Kurbo to Offer Family Weight Loss Coaching to Employers

Healthcare management company Castlight, which recently acquired Jiff–a platform for organizing and promoting employer health benefits, has partnered with Kurbo to offer its mobile-based family weight loss and personal coaching platform to employers.

Castlight has chosen to work with Kurbo because it believes the most successful health benefits programs should connect and engage with employees’ families, helping them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Kurbo CEO and Co-founder Joanna Strober is excited to be working with Castlight and hopeful that the partnership will be beneficial to customers.  “Kurbo is a unique benefit that delivers value to employers, employees, and their entire families,” she said.  “Kurbo can really make an impact on the health and happiness of employees and dependents, along with the company’s bottom line, as we know obesity can increase costs in a number of ways. For employers, our program is proven to work, and it is a lot less expensive than many of the other programs available for employers and other health plan sponsors.”

In particular, Strober said she believes there are a lot of synergies between the two companies in the critical area of employee engagement in wellbeing programs.  “Engagement is critical to the success of both Kurbo and Jiff,” she said. “Our unique family offering intrinsically motivates employees and their dependent spouses to enroll in the Kurbo program as well as other Jiff programs.”

Read more of Joanna Strober’s interview on the partnership

Kurbo Recognized as a Highly Effective Weight Loss App in a Recent Study Published on the NIH-Affiliated Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)

Kurbo was recently recognized in a comprehensive study of hundreds of mobile health apps, Mobile Apps for Weight Management: A Scoping Review, published on the NIH affiliated Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR). The study was focused on three primary factors for evaluating weight-loss apps: inclusion of evidence-based strategies, health-care expert involvement, and evidence of scientific testing.

Out of the remaining 393 apps that were included in the final analysis, Kurbo was specifically identified as an evidence-based, comprehensive behavioral modification mobile app and program:

  • “only 0.3% of apps (1/393), Kurbo Health, stated the involvement of a regulated health care professional in the app’s development. This app reported involving a medical advisory board consisting of pediatricians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.”
  • “Kurbo Health possessed (all) 8 strategies including self-monitoring, goal-setting, physical activity support, healthy eating support, social support, gamification, and personalized feedback delivered via a health coach.”

According to the review, two of the strategies implemented within Kurbo are considered especially integral for experiencing success: “goal-setting and self-monitoring are the key strategies derived from self-regulatory theory to enhance self-efficacy and significantly predict weight loss and behavior change success.” Most current mobile health apps lack these important features and don’t possess the functional capabilities to deliver a level of interaction and communication of the required complexity for successful weight loss. The full review is available here

Kurbo Partners with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global to Combat Childhood Obesity

Kurbo was selected to be among the innovative products offered by Arianna Huffington’s new health and wellness e-commerce platform,, which launched on November 30th, 2016. Thrive Global’s goal is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance both well-being and performance. Emotional and medical issues related to overweight kids, teens and families are a significant cause of workplace stress, absenteeism and loss of productivity. This is why Thrive Global has chosen to promote Kurbo’s system, which combines a mobile app with personal health coaching, as a proven tool to help kids, teens and families gain control of their health and wellbeing. Check out the full Press Release.


It’s Here!

The newest cookbook has arrived and is available for a free download! These healthy recipes are all from our Kurbo coaches and Kurbo kids and we hope you find them just as delicious as we do. Whether you are thinking of a new dish to bring to a holiday party or want to revamp your entire holiday dinner, you will find it in this book. Download today!



American Journal of Health Promotion Highlights Kurbo

In the latest issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion, Kurbo CEO and Co-founder Joanna Strober, is featured as an influential thinker in the wellness field. Kurbo was honored for being among the top innovative products and an example of “The Art of Health Promotion.” Through her creativity and innovation, Strober has created a program app that uses its digital environment to support and motivate kids and families to live healthier lives. Read more about Kurbo’s mission and Strober’s future plan. Check out the full article.

Kurbo Founder Tells Family Success Story to Goodhousekeeping

Kurbo CEO Joanna Strober shares with Goodhousekeeping magazine the story of her son’s struggle with his weight, along with her anxiety and feelings of powerlessness that came with it. As a mother, wanting the best for your child is inevitable, but when it comes to weight management, sometimes a parent isn’t the right person to enforce eating habits. Joanna explains this led to fights with her son, and after countless Google searches for alternative solutions, she decided to call her longtime friend Thea Runyan, who was the lead coach at Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Center. After realizing there was no way for Joanna’s son to participate virtually, Joanna and Thea continued to talk about creating their own solution, and soon Kurbo was established. Read More


MedCity Honors Kurbo for Innovative Patient Engagement

Kurbo was named among the Top 3 health start-ups for innovative patient engagement by a panel of health industry experts organized by the health industry publication MedCity.  MedCity’s editorial team chose 15 finalists from about 60 total submissions, and then the final three were chosen by a panel of industry experts.  Patient engagement is key to get patients involved in their own health and is the cornerstone for some of the behavior change that is necessary to move the needle in healthcare.

“Enabling patients to achieve their care plan is one of the thorniest issues in healthcare,” said Nancy Fabozzi, principal analyst for Connected Health at Frost & Sullivan and one of the judges on the panel.  The other judges who chose Kurbo as second runner-up were Dave deBronkart, also known as ePatient Dave;  Dr. Fred Rachman, CEO of Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services; and Lygeia Ricciardi, a national thought leader in consumer engagement and digital health.

Kurbo works closely with its Fortune 100, Medicaid and other institutional partners to ensure high enrollment  in its effective weight loss and fitness program.  In addition to taking a customized, multi-channel digital and offline approach to increase awareness and engagement with each partner, the Kurbo program itself was designed at the start to solve many key challenges to successful implementation.  As a mobile app, it ensures that participants of all ages, incomes and demographics have easy access.  Then daily feedback from Kurbo’s team of trained coaches help keep participants on track.  90 percent of participants who complete Kurbo’s initial 12-week program lose weight and improve BMI, along with their entire family achieving health benefits.

“Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States — with overall prevalence over 17%, highest in older children and adolescents — and health care providers struggle to find and implement effective interventions,” Dr.Rachman said. “Kurbo has taken an evidence-based intervention and made it accessible to children via mobile devices.”

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After successful pilot, StayWell partners with Kurbo to offer weight management support for families and children


After a pilot program showing 94 percent of participants lost weight and 9 out of 10 families made healthier food choicesStayWell has partnered with Kurbo to offer its health coaching and weight-loss program for children, teens, and families as part of its offering to employers across the country.

“Having the support of friends and family when making lifestyle changes is important, no matter how old you are,” said StayWell Vice President of Product Development Hans Hage. “With obesity on the rise across the United States, it’s important for us to continue to bring products and services to market that blend the best of technology and behavioral science to extend beyond workplace programs to homes and families. The mobile, interactive approach of the Kurbo platform connects readily with kids and parents in a way that encourages the whole family to make healthier choices around food and physical activity.”

The StayWell pilot program participant results are similar to those from other Kurbo program users.  In addition, children typically reported higher levels of self-confidence and happiness, and parents reported fewer fights about food, and less stress in the household.  About half of all parents also report losing weight.

“Like StayWell, our program is based on the science of behavior change with the technology approach that appeals to kids and is convenient for parents,” said Kurbo’s Co-founder and CEO, Joanna Strober. “Our mobile platform is appropriate for families on the go and the gamification elements appeal to and engage kids in ways that can improve overall health and well-being for families now, and in the future.”

StayWell is a health engagement company that helps businesses engage and educate people to improve health and business results.

Kurbo CEO to speak at NBGH Health Innovations Forum

Kurbo CEO Joanna Strober will be speaking at the  National Business Group on Health’s Health Innovations Forum in Washington, D.C. Sept. 14-16,  exploring progress the company has made to address overweight and obese populations at a variety of Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Kurbo’s scalable mobile health solution, family-focused take on health and wellbeing, and demonstrated effectiveness made it a favorite of many members of the NBGH, who featured it at last year’s event as one of the most innovative new solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

The National Business Group on Health members are primarily Fortune 500 companies and large public sector employers — including the nation’s most innovative health care purchasers — who provide health coverage for more than 55 million U.S. workers, retirees, and their families. The Business Group fosters the development of a safe, high quality health care delivery system and treatments based on scientific evidence of effectiveness. Since 1974 they have been the nation’s only nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to representing large employers’ perspective on national health policy issues and providing practical solutions to members’ most important healthcare problems.

The goal of the Health Innovations Forum, initiated last year,  is to identify and evaluate technology or solutions-based startups with the potential to improve employee health and/or the efficiency, delivery or consumer experience within the healthcare system. The ultimate goal is to accelerate adoption of disruptive and effective innovations.

Joanna will be speaking about Kurbo’s successes since the last conference, and share insights and advice regarding implementation of mobile digital health solutions, and incorporating mobile health technology into employee wellness and healthcare programs.

For more about the Health Innovations Forum and the National Business Group on Health, visit their website here.