Meet Coach Tanya: Nurse, Super Mom, and Inspiring Coach!

As a mother and a nurse, Coach Tanya was well-prepared to be a Kurbo coach. “As a nurse, I already knew I enjoyed working with people and sharing my knowledge and passion for health. I wanted to become a Kurbo coach because I knew it would allow me to combine all the things I love most… working with children and their families, fitness, and healthy eating.”

Her favorite part about coaching is that she gets to see her Kurbo kids learn and grow. “I love meeting all these amazing families around the country who are trying to make positive changes and seeing my kids feel confident and empowered! One of my favorite moments was when one of my Kurbo kids shared her before and after picture with pride and told me that she had friends and family members joining Kurbo because of her positive influence and success.”


Tips for choosing foods on a competition day

Hi all, this is Coach Brian here, and today I wanted to speak a little bit on how to choose foods on the day of a competition. I, like many of the other Kurbo Coaches, compete regularly at a high level in my sport. I am a current member of the United States Olympic Karate team and through my education in nutrition, personal experience competing and from communicating with other athletes and health advisor have learned a great deal on how to approach the vital task of game day food choices.
Below are some tips that you can follow to help you make better choices for your next big game!

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: With Kurbo, Joni overcomes her urge to snack, and loses 12 lbs this summer!

Joni wanted help with her eating, but wanted something that she could own. “The doctor mentioned a nutritionist, but we didn’t want to do that because we wanted something that fit more with her lifestyle, so I found Kurbo,”  Joni’s mom, Lisa, says. “It seemed like the perfect program, something that she could do on her own, and when I showed Joni, she said ‘let’s do it!’. We tried different things but it wasn’t her own thing, with Kurbo she’d be able to have ownership.”   

Working with Coach Laura, Joni quickly realized her biggest issue to tackle: snacking. “Joni has two older brothers, so she was eating like a 13 year old boy” Lisa shares. “Usually I would eat breakfast and leave for school and then eat lunch, and have a snack after lunch, and then I’d come home and have another snack, and have dinner and then eat another snack after dinner. Since working with Kurbo, I don’t even eat snacks anymore. I’ll get hungry but I know that lunch is coming up so I wait for lunch and then get full” Joni says.


Madison’s second year back as a US Open ball-person was a whole new experience because of Kurbo.

Every year, about 400 people try out to become a ball-person at the US Open.  It’s a very competitive process, so how did Madison do it?  “My mom used to be a ball person at the Virginia Slims tennis tournament in Madison Square Garden and used to work with the ball people at the US Open.  I really wanted to get the position on my own merit though, so I didn’t tell anyone who I was related to when I tried out. I survived three rounds of cuts and made it to the main draw!”

This is her second year as a ball-person at the US Open, and “Last year, I would eat gross food like chicken fingers and fries doused in ketchup and ice-cream. You don’t feel good running on a stomach of greasy foods, but I didn’t understand that before I did Kurbo.”

Thanks to Kurbo, Madison has had a completely different experience as a ball-person this year. “I go to the vegetarian food vendor and get a brown rice bowl with greens and summer squash.  It’s true, when you eat better you feel a lot better. When you eat lighter, it is way easier for you to run and pay attention. You’re already sweating because you’re baking in the sun, so why would you want to exacerbate that when healthy food can taste good and feel good!

Learning how to make healthy choices has improved not only her fitness, but also her attitude. “I’m the person at the net so I have to do a lot of sprinting. This year I feel a lot quicker. Before, I would say to myself, ‘ugh they hit it in the net again, I have run again,’ but now I’m excited and ready to go!”

What’s her favorite part about being a ball-person at the US Open? “Well, I love the fact that I get to wear Ralph Lauren, but it’s so much more than that. I would do it even if I didn’t get paid. I love to interact with these professional athletes and work with the other ball people. I try my best every time, even if I am on the far field courts.”


Madison knows how all of our Kurbo kids and teens are super active, so she has shared with us her snack of choice to help keep your muscles in tip-top shape. “As a ball-person, no matter how fit you are, your thighs get really sore from the start stop motion. So I live and breathe for bananas. Players like perfect bananas, it’s just something that the tournament has to provide.  Luckily, we get all the extras! We just eat bananas all day and it makes our muscles feel a lot better.”

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Christopher is lighter and happier after coaching and helped his mom lose a significant amount of weight, too!

Christopher was trying to eat healthy, but it was harder than he thought. “One day, I asked Christopher if he ate any fruits or vegetables for lunch,” Christopher’s mom, Carolyn, says. “He replied ‘apple juice.’ I told him, ‘Christopher, remember how we’ve been trying to not buy or eat juice at home because it’s not healthy?’ He said ‘I thought apple juice was a fruit.’ He looked so sad and confused. He had clearly been trying hard to eat healthy.”

After a stressful school year, Carolyn decided Christopher deserved a change this summer. “Christopher had a teacher that was really rough on the class and I think it was hard on him. He was gaining a lot of weight and I was really concerned. I signed him up for Kurbo right after school ended.”


Three Foods to Help you Refuel After a Sports Game

It is back to school time again and after school sports are gearing up for the fall season. If doesn’t matter if you play football, soccer, La Crosse, basketball, volleyball or are on the swim team, food to refuel after your sports game or practice is essential! Nutritious food is what fuels our bodies for the best performance both on and off the sports field.

After the game you want to replenish your glycogen, a form of stored energy that you lost, by eating a carbohydrate and protein rich snack or meal within 30-60 minutes of playing. If you miss this magic window, you may feel tired later.


Five Easy School Lunch Recipes

School is back in session for Kurbo kids nationwide and it is time to start packing your lunches again! It is easy to get into a lunch time rut, and bring the same sandwich each day, but brown bagging your lunch is a much better option than relying on the school cafeteria. By packing your own lunch, you are in control of the foods you choose and can make sure your lunch is filled with yellow and green light foods instead of red lights.

It is important to sit down with your mom and dad on the weekend when you both have some extra time and strategize what you want for lunches the following week. It will make preparation and shopping easier, relieve the daily panic of what to bring and reduce the number of PB&Js that you throw together at the last minute. Here are five easy school lunch recipes to get you started!


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: After losing 19 lbs, Spencer is Turning his Life Around For The Better

Spencer chose Kurbo because he was tired of feeling disappointed with how he looked and felt. Every other health plan he tried not only didn’t work but also made him feel worthless. “Even if you have tried other diet plans, don’t let your experience with those affect your choice to join Kurbo,” Spencer says. “Kurbo turned my life around for the better. Now, I don’t feel depressed, inadequate or worthless.”

With the help of his Kurbo Coach Sheila, Spencer learned how to reduce his impulses to eat red light foods. He wanted to take control of his eating behaviors. He hated feeling helpless. This was a turning point for Spencer. Working with Coach Sheila, Spencer became motivated to do what it takes to live a healthy life. He learned to be more mindful and make better choices at home and on-the-go with Kurbo’s red, yellow, and green light tracking system. Once Spencer started working with Coach Sheila, he never packed red light processed foods in his lunch again.


Food versus Filler – what your tummy really wants!

As an exercise physiologist who continues to do personal training, I know that it can be difficult to convince some people that when trying to lose weight, proper nutrition is more important than the number of hours spent working out.

I sometimes observe my clients focusing on the number of miles jogged or diligently tracking the sets and reps of the weight they lifted only to grab a burger or scarf down a large  pizza that same night!  I know my efforts are dramatically better if my clients choose “food” instead of “filler.”  Let’s learn about this!