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The newest cookbook has arrived and is available for a free download! These healthy recipes are all from our Kurbo coaches and Kurbo kids and we hope you find them just as delicious as we do. Whether you are thinking of a new dish to bring to a holiday party or want to revamp your entire holiday dinner, you will find it in this book. Download today!



Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Kelesia inspires her whole community to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Photo above is of Kelesia (left) and her younger sister (right).

Kelesia’s mom was concerned about their family history of high blood pressure. “I worried that it might impact Kelesia and I tried to tell her that being overweight is a contributing cause for high blood pressure, but that wouldn’t resonate with her,” Leslyan says.

Kelesia chose Kurbo so she could get motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle. “We tried changing our eating habits, but we weren’t consistent with it,” Leslyan notes. “From the minute I heard about Kurbo, I was interested because you have your own personal coach who motivates you and educates you,” Kelesia shares.  


Tips for a Creative Thanksgiving Day

When people think of Thanksgiving, they think of the turkey, the pies, the stuffing, the apple cider, but Thanksgiving is so much more than that. It is also about the gathering of friends and family and showing our appreciation for those who love and support us. We wanted to give ya’ll some ideas on how to spend your Thanksgiving day having fun while also emphasizing the tradition of gratitude.


Butternut Squash Soup

As fall becomes winter and the daylight recedes long before dinner, I find myself searching the cupboards for warm, comforting foods. There is no food more appropriate to prepare for the hibernation ahead than soup. “Soup season” as it’s called in my home is in full swing, but don’t forget to prioritize seasonal vegetables into your stews! It’s easy to impress guests with new flavors and colors when using squash, apples, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beets or artichoke. Here is one of my personal favorites:


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Molly makes simple lifestyle changes and sees results immediately.

Molly wanted to try Kurbo to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. “We tried on our own, but I wanted the ball in her court and she was excited to try Kurbo,” Molly’s mom Angie says. “We used it first free with no coaching, and she had fun with that, but I was telling her what to do all the time. By having a coach she had accountability.”

Molly and Coach Sadie started to work on how to choose healthy foods. “For example, tonight there was white garlic bread and whole wheat and my mom said ‘you can choose’, and so I decided to do half and half,” Molly shares. “She makes good decisions now without me saying ‘do you need that?’” Angie says.


American Journal of Health Promotion Highlights Kurbo

In the latest issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion, Kurbo CEO and Co-founder Joanna Strober, is featured as an influential thinker in the wellness field. Kurbo was honored for being among the top innovative products and an example of “The Art of Health Promotion.” Through her creativity and innovation, Strober has created a program app that uses its digital environment to support and motivate kids and families to live healthier lives. Read more about Kurbo’s mission and Strober’s future plan. Check out the full article.

Meet Coach Nicole: Yogi and outdoor explorer!

Nicole became a Kurbo Coach to help kids feel confident in themselves. “I love kids! I also am passionate about health and nutrition and know how hard it can be to struggle with weight and self-esteem as a young person. I wanted to help as many young people as I could learn to love themselves and enjoy all types of food.”

She loves helping her clients reach their goals each week. “I especially enjoy when a client reaches their ultimate goal and has a new confidence in their body and food choices. My most memorable moment as a coach was helping one of my first teenage clients lose 20lbs! She had such joy and excitement on her face when she told me that I was so happy for her.”


Fall Harvest Bowls

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year because of the yummy fruits and vegetables it brings that we harvest at the farm. This year we get to pick pomegranates, butternut squash, persimmons, apples, and brussels sprouts. All of these foods are super high in fiber and vitamins! I love to take advantage of these delicious fall ingredients and throw them all together in one bowl, making what I like to call a fall harvest bowl.READ MORE

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Tenaya’s new health habits transform the whole household

Tenaya was ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, so she signed up for Kurbo. “It just got to a point where it was her time. She was ready to do it. The motivation was there. I had been telling her for the past two years to do something about it but that wasn’t enough. There was a mindset change and it was her choice. I gave her complete ownership, she is the one who signed up for the app,” Tenaya’s mom, Bernice, shares. “I wanted to lose weight and I had tried doing it by myself but I wasn’t sticking to anything,” Tenaya says.

After using the app for a month, she took the next step and signed up for a Kurbo Coach to help keep her accountable. “I wanted someone to help me stay on track and keep me accountable. With a Kurbo Coach, someone is aware of what you are doing so you feel more obligated to do it, which is a good thing and has worked well for me. Working with Sheila has kept me way more on track.”


Making Shopping For Clothes Fun Again – Stay Body Positive!

Whether going clothes shopping for you means spending a whole day browsing through all the shops at the mall or heading straight to your favorite store, shopping for new clothes can be really exciting.  I mean, who doesn’t love to get a cool new outfit that they can show off at school on Monday? Shopping should be a FUN experience!  However, with all the outside pressure from the media and magazines, wearing a certain style and fitting into an “ideal” size can make clothes shopping very stressful.  So, what’s the trick to making shopping fun again?  Stay body positive!

Consider these tips to staying body positive next time you go clothes shopping: