The question of grass fed/organic/farm to table/gluten free and childhood weight loss

Does quality of food matter in my child’s weight loss?

The answer is yes and no.

I apologize in advance because I know it would be easier to have a straight forward answer but when it comes to nutrition and weight loss, the answer is never simple. Fortunately, Kurbo, has taken a complex issue and made it simple for kids to have success in establishing life-long healthy habits, lowering their weight, and reducing BMI percentile.

I have a steady stream of parents who call me concerned about their child’s weight then go on to list how they only buy organic food, eat grass fed beef, make their own yogurt, ban gluten, eat Paleo, etc. Despite their noble nutrition efforts, they are concerned that their child is still not losing weight. Then I will likely hear how school is to blame because their child eats hot dogs, chocolate milk, and cookies for lunch. Of course, this kind of lunch is concerning, but as an experienced coach, I know there is more going on that needs to be discussed.

If this kind of scenario and eating philosophy reminds you of yourself, then please read on.


5 Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

It’s undeniable that healthy eating and activity provide endless benefits to our bodies and well being, but what can we do to boost our brain power? Duties like school and work require enormous amounts of brain power so it’s important to refuel your brain. Focus on the foods below to boost your brain power this fall and for the rest of your life.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Catie becomes a softball star and role model

Catie and her family signed up for Kurbo to learn a new way of life. “I think the whole reason why her mom and I chose Kurbo was because it’s a holistic approach. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. They take a combined approach with the seasons, helping to choose activities that fit with the winter months when it rains and the summer months when it’s fun to be outside,” Catie’s dad, Andrew, shares.

Catie and Coach Karen worked together to set goals and plan out how to best reach those goals. “Talking to Coach Karen every week is always fun. We talk about setting goals, like eating all of the colors of the rainbow. I’m definitely eating more fruits and vegetables now because of that. We talked about how to make eggs without butter, so now we make egg whites,” Catie says. “No one wants to eat vegetables for breakfast, so Coach Karen figured out the best way to turn our favorite breakfast food, eggs, from a red to a yellow,” Andrew notes.


Meet Coach Zoe: Team USA Olympic Hopeful, Wellness Guru, and Animal Lover

Coach Zoe’s passion for health drove her to become an amazing Kurbo Coach.
“I graduated with a major in Biology and minor in studio art and I am currently getting my masters degree in Medical Sciences, with a concentration in anatomy. Health and fitness are two really important things to me and  I love being able to share what I know with others.  I also love working with kids and being able to help them learn new things.”


DIY Lunchables

Lunchables that you buy in the grocery store have become a huge success. They’re easy, convenient, have a variety of foods to mix and match, are fun to eat – what’s not to like?

Well, let’s give some of these ingredients a closer look. The closer we look, the more red lights we’ll see! Most premade lunchables have some crackers or enriched flour product (red lights), cheese (red light), cookie or candy or chocolate bar (red lights) and juice (red light). Maybe worse than all those red lights is that there are no green lights! Kurbo kids know that good health is not just about red lights, but also about getting plenty of green lights at all meals.

The good news is that lunchables are very easy to make yourself! Use a tupperware that is sectioned off and fill the compartments with your own healthy options. Not only can you cut out a lot of those red lights, but you can add your own tasty green lights and keep yourself on track.

Give these DIY Lunchables a try:

1) Hummus Rice Cake Box

• Plain mini rice cakes
• Low-fat cheese
• Hummus
• Carrot and celery sticks
• Grapes
• Water

Use the hummus as dip for your celery and carrots and as a spread for your rice cakes. Assemble your mini rice cakes with a layer of hummus and a slice of cheese. Have some sweet grapes for dessert! Add a bottle of water or a thermos of water flavored with some fruit.

2) Mini Turkey Pitas

• Whole Wheat Pita cut in quarters
• Turkey slices
• Lettuce
• Tomato slices
• Mustard
• 10 almonds
• Apple slices
• Water

Make mini pita triangles stuffed with lettuce, tomato and turkey, spread with a little mustard. As your dessert, enjoy some almonds and apple slices.

3) Ham Roll-Ups

• Whole Wheat tortilla
• Ham slices
• Low-fat cheese
• Lettuce
• Strawberries
• Water

Roll up your ham slices with a slice of low-fat cheese and lettuce in a whole wheat tortilla. Enjoy some sweet strawberries for dessert!

DIY Lunchables are easy, and so fun to make! Get creative with your options and find your perfect combination. Don’t forget to fill your container with plenty of yellow and green lights!

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Emily turns healthy eating into a new lifestyle and loses 9lbs this summer!

Emily wanted to learn how to manage her weight, but the programs she tried weren’t working. “We went to a family summer weight loss program. She really got into it, but once we left, there was no more positive reinforcement and things began to backslide,” Emily’s mom, Miranda, shares. “We tried nutritionists but she was having difficulties because it is all about restriction. We would do it for a few weeks, see short term results, and then it would rebound.”  

Emily and her family like that Kurbo is different: it’s sustainable. “Instead of telling Emily, ‘you can’t eat this’ and ‘avoid these foods,’ Kurbo is more of an expansion of lifestyle, rather than a restriction of lifestyle. It’s so positive, you’re giving kids more options instead of limiting them. Kurbo emphasizes what you can and should be eating more of. It’s all about showing kids what they are capable of doing,” Miranda says.


How Kurbo Helped Me Manage My Stress

Being a high school student, I know that stress is a common factor in my life and in the lives of those around me.The pressures put on kids and teenagers is continuing to increase due to demands from society, school, families, and media. According to a survey conducted by the Washington Post, 83% of 1,018 teenagers, ages 13 to 17, held high amounts of stress at some point throughout the year. From earning a 4.0 GPA, being the best at a sport, having a job, keeping a striving social status, sleeping a full ten hours at night, and still after all that, finding time for yourself, it’s no joke that stress occurs so often in the lives of kids and teenagers.

A few years ago, I was in eighth grade and had just started Kurbo for the first time. I experienced amazing results that contributed to my happiness and overall well being. I had even become so into tracking my food that I would just stare at my phone until there was something else to add. But then, about a year later, during my freshman year of high school everything changed. I was not aware of how difficult the transition would be for me and how stress would affect me in my daily life.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: At just 7 years old, Imani learns to eat healthy and encourages others to do so as well!

Nefertiti saw her daughter’s genetic susceptibility to weight gain, and decided to make a change earlier rather than later. “On her father’s side, they are thicker, their stature is very stoic, and on my side, we’re more curvy. Imani has a lot of her dad’s side. I decided that if she’s going to be battling genetics, I need to help her be the healthiest she can be. I can fight nurture not nature,” Nefertiti says.

Nefertiti didn’t want Imani to go down the road of poor body image. “One day she came home and asked me, ‘Am I fat?’ and I asked, ‘Did someone say you were?’ and she said ‘well I noticed that I don’t look like some of my friends.’ It was disheartening for me to see my 7-year-old thinking about her body and having poor body image. That was how I used to feel, and I know where that mindset can go and I didn’t want to see that for her.”


Sport Specific Training – Focus on Function!

How amazing our bodies truly are! When you consider all of the movements and actions that our bones and muscles are able to do, we truly are the most amazing thing that moves on Earth. You only need to look at the recent Olympic Games to see the heights that we can achieve – how fast we can run through the air, swim through the water, or how much weight we can lift!

When I train athletes of all caliber in sports, I first examine their current practice regimens and what they have been doing. Let’s take a basketball player for example. I often hear of them practicing their shooting motion with a standard basketball and running lots of sprints. Make no mistake about it, these efforts are great! At the same time, there are creative ways to allow sport specific training to enhance our muscular function!