American Journal of Health Promotion Highlights Kurbo

In the latest issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion, Kurbo CEO and Co-founder Joanna Strober, is featured as an influential thinker in the wellness field. Kurbo was honored for being among the top innovative products and an example of “The Art of Health Promotion.” Through her creativity and innovation, Strober has created a program app that uses its digital environment to support and motivate kids and families to live healthier lives. Read more about Kurbo’s mission and Strober’s future plan. Check out the full article.

Meet Coach Nicole: Yogi and outdoor explorer!

Nicole became a Kurbo Coach to help kids feel confident in themselves. “I love kids! I also am passionate about health and nutrition and know how hard it can be to struggle with weight and self-esteem as a young person. I wanted to help as many young people as I could learn to love themselves and enjoy all types of food.”

She loves helping her clients reach their goals each week. “I especially enjoy when a client reaches their ultimate goal and has a new confidence in their body and food choices. My most memorable moment as a coach was helping one of my first teenage clients lose 20lbs! She had such joy and excitement on her face when she told me that I was so happy for her.”


Fall Harvest Bowls

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year because of the yummy fruits and vegetables it brings that we harvest at the farm. This year we get to pick pomegranates, butternut squash, persimmons, apples, and brussels sprouts. All of these foods are super high in fiber and vitamins! I love to take advantage of these delicious fall ingredients and throw them all together in one bowl, making what I like to call a fall harvest bowl.READ MORE

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Tenaya’s new health habits transform the whole household

Tenaya was ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, so she signed up for Kurbo. “It just got to a point where it was her time. She was ready to do it. The motivation was there. I had been telling her for the past two years to do something about it but that wasn’t enough. There was a mindset change and it was her choice. I gave her complete ownership, she is the one who signed up for the app,” Tenaya’s mom, Bernice, shares. “I wanted to lose weight and I had tried doing it by myself but I wasn’t sticking to anything,” Tenaya says.

After using the app for a month, she took the next step and signed up for a Kurbo Coach to help keep her accountable. “I wanted someone to help me stay on track and keep me accountable. With a Kurbo Coach, someone is aware of what you are doing so you feel more obligated to do it, which is a good thing and has worked well for me. Working with Sheila has kept me way more on track.”


Making Shopping For Clothes Fun Again – Stay Body Positive!

Whether going clothes shopping for you means spending a whole day browsing through all the shops at the mall or heading straight to your favorite store, shopping for new clothes can be really exciting.  I mean, who doesn’t love to get a cool new outfit that they can show off at school on Monday? Shopping should be a FUN experience!  However, with all the outside pressure from the media and magazines, wearing a certain style and fitting into an “ideal” size can make clothes shopping very stressful.  So, what’s the trick to making shopping fun again?  Stay body positive!

Consider these tips to staying body positive next time you go clothes shopping:


10 After School Snacks that make you go CRUNCH

When you get home from school, you may find yourself frantically searching for something healthy to crunch on. You know you won’t feel great if you crunch on things like chips, pretzels or cookies but what else is there to satisfy your crunch-craving? Try these 10 after school snacks that are both healthy and crunchy.


Kurbo Founder Tells Family Success Story to Goodhousekeeping

Kurbo CEO Joanna Strober shares with Goodhousekeeping magazine the story of her son’s struggle with his weight, along with her anxiety and feelings of powerlessness that came with it. As a mother, wanting the best for your child is inevitable, but when it comes to weight management, sometimes a parent isn’t the right person to enforce eating habits. Joanna explains this led to fights with her son, and after countless Google searches for alternative solutions, she decided to call her longtime friend Thea Runyan, who was the lead coach at Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Center. After realizing there was no way for Joanna’s son to participate virtually, Joanna and Thea continued to talk about creating their own solution, and soon Kurbo was established. Read More

Fat Shaming and Pediatricians.

Using fat shaming remarks to measure a person sends the absolute wrong messages to our young girls and boys. Words matter. They can scar you if not used carefully.

As the founder of a weight loss company for children and teenagers, Kurbo Health, I am afraid that these types of demeaning comments are not limited to Presidential candidates.  Overweight children get these comments every day — from their peers, teachers and even their doctors.

Yesterday we received this email from the mother of a 16 year old boy: “My son has struggled with his weight for years. He’s had medical professionals jiggle his oversized breast tissue and make snide comments. I want my son to feel better but I don’t approach it anymore as he’s had too many disappointments”.

Another email:  “My son cries each time we go to the doctor.  She tells him that he is obese, and that he will lose his fingers and toes to diabetes if he does not do anything.  But these comments just stress him out and make him eat more.”

Last week we met with a pediatrician who said that he has so many overweight kids in his office that he has taken to having them lie on the table and grabbing a handful of their fat to show them and their parents that they need to lose weight.  Somehow he believes this is motivating.

The American Pediatric Association itself has taken a hands-off stance, warning that any talk of dieting or weight issues will lead to food disorders. This has only reinforced parental denial,  leading many parents to believe that their children will just outgrow their weight issues, which has proven untrue.  Overweight five-year-olds have a tenfold increased risk of becoming obese adults compared to relatively thin five-year-olds. And 80% of overweight adolescents grow up to be obese adults.

As a society we have a strange relationship with overweight children.  We want them to lose weight.  We know that being overweight as a child leads to health issues and discrimination.  And yet because we don’t have an agreed upon language or a helpful approach to talk about weight, we constantly fail in communicating this effectively to our children, potentially damaging both their self esteem and their future.

There is a healthy way to approach this issue.  Discuss health.  Don’t judge or criticize children for their weight.  Instead, get to the root of the problem with a personalized approach – what foods is the child eating that makes them overweight?  Are their parents talking to them in a way that makes them hoard food and overeat outside the house, or are they empowering their children to make their own food choices?  Are there unhealthy foods in the house that can be removed because willpower is highly over-rated?  Is the child stressed or depressed and is this leading to poor eating patterns?  If so, come up with better coping mechanisms. If the family cannot afford healthier foods, work with them to find foods they can afford that contain more nutrients and don’t cause weight gain.

Fat shaming doesn’t work from parents or pediatricians. We (adults) have to play a huge role in making sure that our children are learning the tools they need to make healthy choices. When people of authority, presidential candidates, parents, doctors, contribute to these harmful practices around weight, it is that much more horrible for the child. It is not okay.

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Cora gains self-control and self-confidence

Cora decided to join Kurbo to gain confidence and control over her weight. I was gaining a lot of weight in short periods of time. I was doing the same things, but I just kept gaining weight so we went to the doctor and he told us about Kurbo. We’re finishing up our 3 month free period given by the clinic, and now but we’re going to subscribe to another 6 months! Now it is just a part of my everyday life,” Cora shares.  

She worked with Coach Lauren to set goals and learn which foods to eat more of. I like it because it’s not too difficult. They give you a guide and you don’t have to add and subtract a lot of points, it’s just that you have a certain number of red lights for the week. The program helped me see that I had previously been eating foods I thought were healthy but actually weren’t and vice versa. For example, I didn’t know hummus was a red (unless you make it yourself) and guacamole is actually a yellow but I had thought it was a red!” Cora says.  


Boo! 5 Spooky Tricks to Stay Healthy this Halloween

All the red lights are out of the house and in the course of one night, a spooky creature has brought a whole bag of candy into your house! Here are 5 spooky ways to stay healthy this Halloween.

[1] Scare away candy you don’t love

  • Divide your candy into loves, likes and dislikes. Only keep the “love” pile and check out #2 to make your likes and dislikes pile disappear.
  • Keep your “love” pile to spend on your red lights for the next few weeks.
  • Make a deal with your family to keep the candy some place out of the way and treat yourself to your “loves” candy when you have red lights to spend.

[2] Cast a spell on all of your candy

  • Look into ways to donate your candy. Check out your local resources to find the best way to get rid of unwanted candy.
  • Some dentists and doctors offices will give you gifts in return for your candy loot so ask them!
  • Give it to your parents to bring to work so it gets out of the house.

[3] Disguise healthy snacks as Halloween treats

You don’t have to use a red light to get the flavors of Halloween, plus they will leave you feeling more full and satisfied!

[4] Frighten the candy away

Halloween doesn’t have to be only about candy. You can still have fun doing non-food activities.

[5] RUN from the zombies and princesses

Enjoy Halloween while exercising! Ditch your trick-or-treat bag for a pair of running shoes and hit the town for a brisk paced walk or run. It will be a fun way to see all the decorated houses and find the spookiest ones.

If you take one of these spooky tricks, you can be sure to have a healthy Halloween; and that will be the best treat. Happy Halloween!