Child Success Story: Valentine, age 8, drops 11 BMI points and transforms her family’s health trajectory**

Worried about Valentine’s rapid weight gain, Aurore decided to try Kurbo. “I liked that it was tailored to kids and their parents. I thought the approach was really about health and empowering kids to make the right choices,” Aurore, Valentine’s mom says. Valentine was also excited to start. “I wanted to lose my belly fat,” Valentine shares.

Valentine’s favorite part about Kurbo was getting her coach. “I got a new friend. Coach Zoe is the best,” Valentine says. “She loved Coach Zoe and really looked forward to the session with her each week,” Valentine says.


Meet Coach Lisa: Former professional dancer turned health coach and zumba instructor!

With extensive training in health coaching, Lisa was made to be a Kurbo coach. “I received my Health Coaching Certification and Master Level Certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have specialty certifications in the area of Family Health and Prime Time Health, which is ideal for adults and seniors over the age of 40.”

She became a Kurbo coach in order to help families develop healthy eating and exercise habits. “By guiding, mentoring, and educating kids through evidence based tools and resources, they can feel empowered and confident in their ability to take ownership of their health. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to reach families all over the world.”


Recipe for a Balanced School Lunch

Packing a lunch for school can sometimes feel like more of a chore than a fun task. By planning ahead, organizing a grocery list, and working together, your school lunch can go from dull to delicious! We often think a packed lunch has to automatically be a PB&J sandwich, or a hot lunch from the school cafeteria. Here are some incredibly easy additions to prepare for your lunch away from home!


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Kacie, 7 years old, drops a significant 8 BMI points and helps her parents lose pounds, too!**

With a family history of obesity and diabetes, Kacie’s mom wanted her to gain healthy habits early on. “I’ve just felt like that is not something that is adequately taught to you as a child or even as an adult and I wanted to give her a better foundation of tools that she could build off of and not encounter the same frustrations as I have as an adult,” Kacie’s mom, Brooke says.

Kacie also was eager to start Kurbo, after experiencing frequent stomach aches.“My tummy was hurting and I thought that maybe eating healthier would make me feel better,” Kacie says. “I wanted a program that focused more on feeling good instead of focusing on weight,” Brooke shares.


Meet Coach Lindsay: Dessert loving-outdoor adventure gal

Lindsay wanted to become a Kurbo Coach so she could inspire kids and families to live healthier lives. I believe that healthier lives mean happier and more fulfilled lives. I love meeting kids who are all at different stages in their health journeys. Each person I work with through Kurbo is so unique and I often learn a lot from the people I coach.”

As a coach, she is constantly inspired by her Kurbo kids and how determined they are to get healthier.  My most memorable moment was when I met a Kurbo kid who had decided to try out the program himself and was hoping that if it went well, his parents would also join.”


Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

Have the winter blues been leading to mindless eating? Since many of our outdoor activities have to wait until spring, we tend to spend a lot more time inside. This can lead to more time circulating around the kitchen pantry, and ultimately more temptation to indulge in red lights. Comforting recipes can also be packed full of green and yellow lights. If your’re bored with your usual meals, here is a Kurbo winter warm-up recipe to defrost those chilly hands and keep your red light budget in check!


Kurbo’s Co-Founder, Thea Runyan, Appears on the Dolly McCarthy Show to Discuss Strategies for Feeding Your Child Athlete (Listen Here)

Kurbo’s co-founder, Thea Runyan, MPH, recently appeared on Chicago’s Dolly McCarthy Show, which aired on Thursday, Feb 16th. Thea discussed strategies for feeding your child athlete, as well as busted some popular myths about children, sports and eating. With 15 years of experience, Thea is an authority figure in the health and wellness space. As the former Lead Behavior Coach at the Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program (PPWCP) at Stanford, she helped thousands of children and families create healthy environments and lose weight. Listen to her helpful tips below:


The full 1-hour segment from the Dolly McCarthy Show can be found at:

Child Weight Loss Success Story: At age 12, Sophie loses 20 pounds and impresses her doctor**

After her doctor suggested she lose weight, Sophie decided to try the Kurbo app. “Other tracking programs were really confusing and made me add up all of my calories. I couldn’t do it on my own. When we found out about the Kurbo program, I was excited because it seemed like something I could do all by myself and it was comforting to know that they work specifically with kids,” Sophie says.

Two weeks later, Sophie decided it was time to get a Kurbo coach. “Getting a coach instead of just using the app was the best decision we’ve ever made and we’re actually extending our coaching plan,” Sophie’s mom, Heather shares. “Coach Lisa will make sure to focus on things I want to learn about, like reading labels and becoming independent when I’m making food choices. She’s now more of a friend than just a coach and I look forward to talking with her each week,” Sophie says.


Tips to Make Healthier Choices in the School Cafeteria

Getting food in the school cafeteria can be a very easy, convenient way to get your lunch every day.  It can also be a very cost-effective way for many families, depending on your situation and school district. And while it’s so important to get your midday fuel to keep you energized and focused for the rest of the school day, many of the options available in the cafeteria can be unhealthy and void of key nutrients that you need.

So, how do you stay on track with your Kurbo goals when you get your lunch at school?  Here are a few tips to help you make healthier choices in the school cafeteria: