3 Tips on How to Work in More Exercise while Spending Time with Friends and Family

I’ve heard some people say their New Year’s resolution is to get in more exercise and some also say they want to spend more time with friends and family. What if I told you we could combine the two! Exercising with friends and family makes it a lot easier and way more fun for you while allowing you to be a positive influence on the ones you love. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Winter Undercover Veggie Chili

Now that it’s winter and we can cozy up with some fuzzy socks and drink tea to get away from the cold, there’s no better time to make chili! Chili can have a lot of red meat and other ingredients that might be on the red light list, so we’ve created a chili recipe that is full of green and yellow lights by sneaking in some undercover veggies, you’ll barely notice they’re there. You may like this more than your same old boring chili!


How to Make Overnight Oats

Start your new year right with healthy breakfasts! Overnight oats are a simple and fast solution to busy mornings. Once you know the base recipe, you can invent new flavor combinations. Here we’ve included the simple base recipe and two additional fancier recipe ideas!



New Year’s Eve Recipe: Spinach Artichoke Dip

New Year’s Eve – the final celebration to end the holidays with a bang! Usually that means more time with family and friends…and more food! For us, New Year’s Eve is less about the formal meal and more about having fun, wearing funny hats and enjoying finger food and appetizers. If you’re not paying attention, grazing all these appetizers can really add up and pack on more red lights than you meant to. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare some green and yellow light options that you can feel good about.

Whether your tradition is to ring in the new year with a traditional sit-down dinner, or just an array of appetizers, this warm green and yellow light Spinach Artichoke Dip recipe is sure to add a spark to any New Year’s Eve celebration!


How to take the focus off of food during the holidays

When families ask me how to stay healthy during the holidays I often recycle some sage advice a mentor once shared with me: “being healthy during the holidays should be very similar to being healthy during the rest of the year.” The holidays are a great time to keep up with the healthy habits that you refined all year. Remember, you excel at these habits and they are here to support you now and forever.  Let your healthy lifestyle guide your decisions, not dictate your whole mind.

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make your holiday meals healthier, smaller, lighter, and leaner and your workouts harder, longer, stronger, and meaner. However, what’s more important (and easier!) than learning to make sugar-free dessert from ingredients you can’t pronounce the name of is shifting some of the focus away from food during the holiday! If you’re think “How?? I tried that last year and it backfired…” please read on.


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: In the midst of big life changes, Macee learns to make healthy choices and loses over 20 lbs.

After trying other diets and programs, Macee was ready to make long-lasting changes. She signed up for Kurbo.  “Before I had tried gluten free and paleo and I wasn’t able to eat a lot of things. I also tried a program that sent me meal packages, but I had to eat the same food everyday and it was very restrictive. Kurbo was easier because I was still able to have foods that I wanted to eat. I can go to a friend’s house and say, ‘Yea I can have pancakes in the morning!’ because I have budgeted my red lights. It prepared me for how life really is,” Macee says.

Macee worked with Coach Emily to learn how to make healthy choices even in tough situations. I was on a road trip a few months ago and we stopped at a gas station to get snacks and drinks and I didn’t know what fun drink I could get that wasn’t diet soda. Later that week she told me the names of a few drinks like sparkling water or naturally flavored water that I could buy instead next time,” Macee shares. “Sometimes even when we’re at the grocery store deciding what to buy we’ll text Coach Emily for help,” Macee’s mom, Shelley says.


Meet Coach Cara: Active and outdoorsy during every season!

Coach Cara has an impressive background in nutrition and lifestyle coaching. “I received my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Bradley University. Next, I completed my dietetic internship and clinical training through Cornell University before becoming a Registered Dietitian. I’ve also completed certificate training in adolescent weight management through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.”

She wanted to be a Kurbo Coach because she would be able to build relationships with kids and families. “I became a coach after a few years of working in a clinical weight management program because I admired the dynamic nature of Kurbo. The Kurbo curriculum and program make possible what my hospital-based job couldn’t achieve: access to families all over the country and world, sessions that take place within the families’ homes, building relationships with the entire family, and redirecting some of the focus away from just food.”


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl

One way I like to enjoy the taste of pumpkin pie while minimizing my red lights is to experiment with pumpkin myself.  Pumpkin, after all, is a green light.  So why not combine it with even more yummy green lights and turn a pumpkin pie into a real health treat?

One of my favorite recipes is for a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl.  It’s like having a bowl full of pumpkin pie filling!  It’s great for a snack, sweet treat, or even breakfast.