Child Weight Loss Success Story: Lindy realizes that healthier food is tastier food and loses 15 pounds.

With a family history of obesity and diabetes, Lindy’s mom Jennifer wanted a program that would teach her tools for long term health. “We liked that it was specifically designed for kids and I liked that it had games and rewards and it taught her how to read labels. I really wanted it to be something that she could do on her own. Her father and I wanted to stay out of it as much as we could,” Jennifer says.

Lindy wanted to learn healthy habits that she could stick to. I was really excited because I knew that I didn’t want to gain anymore weight and it had been really hard for me to keep track of healthy eating but Kurbo seemed like it would make it easier. I wanted to prove it to myself that I could eat healthy,” Lindy says.


Thea Runyan Discusses How Kurbo Helps Adults, Kids & Teens Get Fit, Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Confidence

Thea Runyan appeared on It’s Your Health with Lisa Davis, to discuss how Kurbo helps kids, teens, families and individuals around the world achieve their goals to get fit, lose weight, and have more energy and confidence. Prior to co-founding Kurbo, Thea spent 12 years as the lead coach at renowned Pediatric Weight Control Program at Stanford, helping parents to talk to their kids about their weight without causing damage to self-esteem or causing eating disorders. In this segment, obesity expert Thea Runyan helps parents address the touchy subject of weight with kids. Listen to the full interview here:

Listen to the full interview here:

Thea Runyan – kurbo – Kurbo is helping kids, teens, families and individuals around the world achieve their goals to get fit, lose weight, have more energy and confidence.

Learn more about how Kurbo works here:

Italian Lentil Butternut Squash Soup

There are a lot of things I like to do in winter.  Dress in big warm sweaters, sit in front of a fire, go for walks in the crisp, winter air and eat warm, comforting food.  One of my favorite winter foods is soup.  There are so many options, and the best part is, the more green lights you add, the better the soup tastes!

Here is a recipe to one of my favorite soups, Italian Lentil Butternut Squash Soup.  It’s easy to make and made with only green and yellow light ingredients:


Sheila’s Winter Warm Chai

When I am feeling under the weather or when the temperature drops in Chicago, I gear up with layers on the outside and warming drinks on the inside. I love to sip hot water with lemon, broth soups and my favorite new recipe I’m sharing with you today, Sheila’s Winter Warm Chai.

You can stay warm and healthy with this winter hot drink recipe and include these three simple ingredients in your next shopping trip.


Fun Winter Exercises

It’s winter, and it’s cold outside.  Depending on where you live, it may even be raining or snowing, making you just want to curl up in a blanket to watch tv.  And while I’m not against getting warm and snuggly and relaxing on the couch, this can always be done AFTER you’ve gotten your daily exercise. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from reaching your health goals!  For some ideas on what to do, here are some fun winter time exercises for you to consider:


Winter Cauliflower Curry Recipe

Who doesn’t love a nice warm and spicy curry during the winter months? I know I do! This curry is chock full of yummy spices like curry, garlic, ginger and turmeric, as well as veggies filled with fiber to keep you full and help you meet your green light goal!


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Matthew becomes a master of portion control and loses 12 lbs!

Matt and his mom had tried losing weight on their own, but they wanted something different. “Matt and his friends are very big eaters, they are growing boys. Matt’s friends were hitting their growth spurts, but Matt was not and it was starting to show. We said, ‘Okay let’s start eating healthier’ but he was never satisfied and he was cranky about it so we talked about doing something different,” Matt’s mom, Jeanne says.

Matt decided to try Kurbo to learn how to portion control. “I was kind of obsessed with food, I was always hungry and eating. I went from 20 meals a day to 3 meals a day with Kurbo. When my mom told me I had to eat well I would say ‘I don’t care’. I play football and so I was trying to eat a lot, but then I realized I should probably start eating healthier,” Matt shares.


Weight Watchers for Kids, Oprah’s Weight Loss, and Your Child

If you are reading this article it is likely you already know all about Weight Watchers and love your child so dearly that you can’t stand the thought of him or her continuing down the challenging road of being overweight into adulthood. You have come to the realization that your child or teen (and maybe you, too) could stand to adopt new habits, beliefs, and tools to manage weight. Weight Watchers may have benefited you, or someone you know, and they helped Oprah lose 40-pounds, which is great, right?

Not exactly. At Kurbo, our goal is to make it so kids don’t grow into adults that need Weight Watchers.  Oprah has a well-documented path of weight control programs.  If you google “diets” and “Oprah”, you will see repeated patterns of 30 pounds lost, and regained.  Over and over again.  We really hope that this time she is able to maintain her weight loss and believe that Weight Watchers did a great job in enabling this.

But what if she had not become overweight in the first place?  What if she had learned good habits as a child, from what to eat, to how to manage stress without binging, to how to work exercise into her daily life? What if her parents had learned healthy recipes that delighted and emotionally sustained her?  What if she and her mom had learned not to fight about her eating habits and to have a healthier food dynamic?

This is our goal at Kurbo.  We want our kids not to need diets because they are so ingrained with healthy lifelong habits that they intuitively know how to take care of themselves and make the right choices.

So what sets successful Kurbo kids apart from other weight loss attempts?

  1. Kurbo is NOT a diet. Kurbo is a program that empowers kids and teens to modify their own behavior.   They learn how to manage a balanced week that includes some indulgences.
  2. There is NO calorie or point counting. Kids and teens learn how to make healthy decisions by using the traffic light food classification system–which divides foods into red (unhealthy), yellow (neutral) and green (healthy). Using this simple and intuitive system based on 30 years of research at Stanford University, it is easy to go to a restaurant, a party or the grocery store and choose the foods that will support healthy bodies or,  knowingly, indulge in the richer foods.
  3.  Kids and teens are met where they are at.  Going to an in-person meeting can not only be humiliating for kids, it is often unrealistic with their (and your) crazy schedules.  Kurbo meets them on their smartphones through an app with digital food and exercise tracking, text messages, and video chat.
  4. Top-notch personal health coaches trained to coach kids and teens work with them to set goals and stay on track. Every person who decides to do Kurbo gets their own coach that co-creates a plan specific for the child each week. Kids report that coaching is fun and they look forward to it because their coach is a role model and source of inspiration to keep them on track with their health goals. Parents tell us that they no longer need to act as food police and report that tension around food and meal time is dramatically reduced once starting with a coach.

Adult weight loss is a $60 billion industry.  Our goal is to help children avoid this cycle by enabling them to grow up healthy before they need programs like Weight Watchers and have to go through the pain and frustration of repeatedly getting back on track.