How To: Sunday Night Meal Prep

You’ve downloaded the Kurbo app and have committed to eating healthier.  You’re excited to start eating more fruit and vegetables and reducing the number red lights you consume through premade meals and snacks.  Then your week begins, and life gets hectic.  School, homework, games, practices, family life, and all of a sudden, eating healthy seems really difficult.  There doesn’t seem to be time in your day to prepare a healthy, well-balanced meal.

What’s the #1 tip for success?  Meal prep!

Being busy doesn’t mean sacrificing your health goals.  When you meal prep, you save yourself the time, stress and frustration of eating a healthy meal when you want something fast and easy.  Popping a frozen dinner in the microwave doesn’t have to be your solution!  By doing some meal prepping on Sunday night, you set yourself up for success for the rest of the week.

Check out these tips on how to Sunday night meal prep:


Healthy Plant-Filled Dessert Ideas

Sweets and treats can be something we look forward to on birthdays, at social events, or even after a long day. More often than not, these desserts are red lights filled with sugar, and they tend to lack the nutrients that keep us healthy and energized. The good news is there are many desserts that can be just as yummy, but are filled with things that will not affect our red light goal! Here are some plant-filled desserts that are low in red lights and high in flavor!


Grain Bowls

Grains are hot. Grains in a bowl tossed with a bunch of yummy, crunchy, flavorful and nutritious ingredients is even hotter. All you need to do is pick a base, like brown rice, quinoa, millet, or oats, then decide if you’re going sweet or savory. For sweet bowls, you top the grain with a variety of fruit, spices, yogurt, and almonds. If you’re feeling savory, you add chopped veggies, protein, and a light sauce.
Grain bowls provide a balanced meal in one spot. Whole grains are packed with fiber, helping you feel fuller longer and keep everything moving through your system with ease. When consumed with the vitamins and minerals of fruit or veggies, your body is charged up for a healthy, energized, and wonderful day.


Two Spring Salad Recipes You’ll Love

Spring is officially here!  Flowers are blooming, colors are brighter and the sun shines longer. This means that you already have, or will soon be, ditching the heavy jackets, scarves and winter boots for cotton shirts, shorts and clothing that just feels lighter.  The same goes for your food choices.  As the weather gets warmer, seasonal food that is cold and lighter is more appealing.  And there’s nothing lighter and healthier than a good Spring salad!

Here are 2 of my favorite colorful Spring salad recipes that are full of delicious green lights:


Adult Success Story: Jenny, 35, transforms her relationship with her body, food and exercise and loses 11 pounds.

Jenny heard about Kurbo from her employer and decided to sign up to gain healthier habits. “After the holidays, I got into some bad habits and I just needed a kick start. I wanted to lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier. As a parent with a full time job, I didn’t want to do anything that involved a huge commitment. I wanted something that was simple and less of a hardcore diet.”

She and Coach Maxine worked together to transform her typical food choices into healthier options. “I used to think that a protein powder shake in the morning would be a good idea. Coach Maxine explained that I didn’t need to focus so much on protein, especially from the calorie dense foods I was eating, like peanut butter. I learned there are plenty of places to get protein that are better for my body. Now I have a fruit and veggie smoothie with yogurt instead.”


Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work: 3 Reasons Why the Traffic Light System is Better

  1.  You become obsessive.  When you focus on counting calories it’s easy to overanalyze your food choices, and as a result, think about food all day, every day. (Not fun.) With Kurbo’s Traffic Light System, you learn to keep track of the quality of the food you put in your body by classifying it into one of three categories: red, yellow or green. Once you adopt the idea that foods are either red, yellow or green, your mind and body develop a natural intelligence to decipher the foods that provide you with optimal nutrition and energy, and the ones you are better off to cut down on.


  1.    You neglect that you are a whole person. Calorie counting assumes weight management is a purely mental game of willpower and restriction. The truth is, a lot of eating and hunger is emotional.  If you approach food only from an analytical perspective, you fail to consider the emotional factors that drive you to eat. To shift emotional eating takes time, awareness, and a toolkit to help in tough times. The Traffic Light approach makes sustainable change possible by focusing on gradual behavior change, taking into account comfort eating, holidays, family time, eating out, and food addictions. 
  2.  Calorie counting is not practical. Calorie counting is a real chore and nearly impossible to sustain long term. Imagine you’re at a friend’s dinner or grabbing a snack at a concert; you probably won’t be taking out a calculator or tracker to make your food choices in those situations. If you’re accustomed to the traffic light system you will most likely remember the general classification of foods and will be able to make a quick decision with ease that better supports your personal health goals.



Weigh Yourself Every Week, Not Every Day

It’s important to weigh yourself consistently in order to know where you are in your personal health journey. This data that we collect is important and informs us if we are on the right track with our lifestyle changes. However, in the case of weighing yourself, too much may not be a good thing.

Here are a few reasons why it is better to weigh yourself once a week, not every single day.


Your Mom Was Right, Breakfast Is Important!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” – Moms Everywhere

Yes, mom was right. Breakfast is an important way to start the day, for kids and adults alike. Skipping breakfast can lead to erratic eating patterns throughout the day, indulgence in more junk food and ultimately, weight gain.  


Family Success Story: Kurbo allows Mom, Liana, to build a new relationship with her 12 year old daughter, Mya, who also loses 10 pounds.

Liana wanted to stop arguing with her daughter, Mya about food, so they signed up for Kurbo. “I wanted her to gain healthy eating habits in a positive way. I just needed someone other than me to teach her,” Liana says. “I didn’t think I was healthy for someone my age and I was concerned about my weight,” Mya shares.

They were both happy that Kurbo wasn’t focused on counting calories. “I have personally tried counting calories and it is something I didn’t want Mya to do. I don’t think it’s a positive way to change your behavior. We wanted a program to start tracking food and exercise that was kid friendly. Kurbo is the only kid friendly program that’s out there to choose from, and it’s perfect,” Mya shares.


Weight Watchers for Teen Boys?

Weight Watchers for teen boys, is this a good idea? There are numerous weight solutions out there, all of which using different strategies, so it’s important to critically analyze which programs will improve a teen boy’s health instead of potentially damaging it. Is it Weight Watchers for teen boys, MyFitness Pal, or Jenny Craig? We first have to note that teens are not mini-adults. The challenges to weight loss that teens face are not the same as those faced by adults, so we should not provide them with adult weight-loss solutions. When addressing a topic as important as weight, finding a solution designed for teens is crucial to their overall health and development.

Teen boys who are turning to food to feel comforted typically find themselves in a negative feedback loop: they eat to feel better, then they look in the mirror or compare themselves to their peers or men in magazines, they feel bad, then eat again to distract themselves from their pain or to feel instant gratification. This cycle can persist into adulthood, but it can be avoided with a straight forward solution: health coaching with coaches trained specifically to work with teens.

Kurbo uses a behavior modification and an accountability program much like Weight Watchers; the difference is that Kurbo’s coaches are experienced to work with teens and the evidence based curriculum is suited for adolescents with an 88% success rate.