Healthy Kids Challenge – Turn Fitness into Family Fun this Summer!

Now that school is out and kids have more time at home, help kids lessen their screen time and get their daily dose of exercise with our Kurbo healthy kids challenge! This challenge gets the family exercising together to make fitness fun! Setting these 3 fitness goals will be sure to keep you family active and having fun together throughout the summer.


Set Yourself Up for Healthy Eating Success: How to Make an Effective Meal Plan

Changing eating habits is a challenge and healthy eating plans tend to fall by the wayside when life gets hectic. Creating a weekly meal plan is a great way to set ourselves up for success when it comes to healthy eating. Having ready-made healthy snacks and meals makes it easier for you to chose healthy foods when unhealthy options may be tempting! Ready to set yourself up for healthy eating success? Check out Coach Lindsay’s easy 4 step meal plan!


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Luca Loses Weight and Gains Confidence After Kurbo!**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Luca Loses Weight and Gains Confidence After Kurbo!

Luca and his mom, Shari, chatted with us about their journey with Kurbo and the success he has had so far. They hope that their story and experience can help other Kurbo kids and families with their weight loss and health goals as well.

Before Kurbo, Luca was uncomfortable with his weight

“I felt embarrassed,” Luca mentioned. He was shy about swimming and getting teased at school. Luca’s mom, Shari, didn’t want him to worry about feeling that way. They both wanted to find a way to help him boost his confidence and lose weight.


Raising Picky Eaters

Here are some tips and suggestions to help when you have a picky eater on your hands!

1. Start EARLY

When children are exposed to and served a variety of fruits and vegetables starting from an early age, they are going to be more familiar and therefore more likely to be okay with seeing these foods on their plate.

2. Use Your SENSES

It can be easy to dismiss foods that look funny, smell different, or aren’t coming from fun packaging with superheroes or magic stars all over the box. Even if your child does not like a new food the first time they try it, they may need exposure to that same food around five to ten times, maybe even prepared in different ways, in order to actually decide if it’s one they enjoy. Encourage using all five senses: touch the food, smell the food, examine the food, hear if the food makes any noises when being cut or scooped, and lastly taste the food. Talking about the new food’s color, shape, smell, and texture can help them decide WHY they do or do not enjoy it. It can also be helpful to put this new food along with a favorite meal.

3. Learn how to find BALANCE

Help children to understand the importance of healthy staples in their meals, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Encourage the idea that treats or desserts are for special occasions and learning to say “no” to treats that aren’t their absolute favorites. If you limit junk food altogether, it can often trigger the desire to over consume it. Instead, find balance by eating mostly healthy foods. Eliminate the feeling of being deprived that children get when they are restricted from their favorite desserts or snacks altogether by focusing on overall balance.

4. Show them how to SUCCEED

Stay aware of the vocabulary used when addressing new foods, or foods that you personally have tried and don’t love. The actions, faces, and words surrounding these foods may influence the way your child looks at them, maybe before ever tasting it for themselves.

5. Have FUN

By allowing the incorporation of new foods to be fun, children may be more likely to enjoy the process. If new foods are introduced in a strict or stern way, the child may instead make their mind up right away that they do not like it. Try using a cookie cutter, cool straws, or their favorite dips along with the new food to encourage them to try it and have fun along the way.





Castlight Partners with Kurbo to Offer Family Weight Loss Coaching to Employers

Healthcare management company Castlight, which recently acquired Jiff–a platform for organizing and promoting employer health benefits, has partnered with Kurbo to offer its mobile-based family weight loss and personal coaching platform to employers.

Castlight has chosen to work with Kurbo because it believes the most successful health benefits programs should connect and engage with employees’ families, helping them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Kurbo CEO and Co-founder Joanna Strober is excited to be working with Castlight and hopeful that the partnership will be beneficial to customers.  “Kurbo is a unique benefit that delivers value to employers, employees, and their entire families,” she said.  “Kurbo can really make an impact on the health and happiness of employees and dependents, along with the company’s bottom line, as we know obesity can increase costs in a number of ways. For employers, our program is proven to work, and it is a lot less expensive than many of the other programs available for employers and other health plan sponsors.”

In particular, Strober said she believes there are a lot of synergies between the two companies in the critical area of employee engagement in wellbeing programs.  “Engagement is critical to the success of both Kurbo and Jiff,” she said. “Our unique family offering intrinsically motivates employees and their dependent spouses to enroll in the Kurbo program as well as other Jiff programs.”

Read more of Joanna Strober’s interview on the partnership

Adult Success Story: Jenny, 35, transforms her relationship with her body, food and exercise and loses 11 pounds.**

Jenny heard about Kurbo from her employer and decided to sign up to gain healthier habits. “After the holidays, I got into some bad habits and I just needed a kick start. I wanted to lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier. As a parent with a full time job, I didn’t want to do anything that involved a huge commitment. I wanted something that was simple and less of a hardcore diet.”

She and Coach Maxine worked together to transform her typical food choices into healthier options. “I used to think that a protein powder shake in the morning would be a good idea. Coach Maxine taught me plenty of ways to get protein that are better for my body. Now I have a fruit and veggie smoothie with yogurt instead.”


Summer Exercise Activities For Your Family

TV and videogames are typical “activities” that we find kids doing over the summer, leading to weight gain and other unhealthy vacation habits. Kurbo kids and adults say that finding an activity they enjoy is the key to getting in the recommended daily 60-minutes of exercise and sticking with it. So make this summer the time to try new activities and find out which types you and your family enjoy the most. Have the whole family join in to make lasting memories and create a family culture of wellness.

Here are seven summer activities that will encourage kids to step out of their exercise comfort zones this summer!


Snack Ideas for Kids in the Hot Summer Months

Snack Ideas for Kids in the Hot Summer Months!

Remember that feeling of summer time as a kid? Playing outside, getting dark late, swimming, chasing the ice cream truck…..oh, the deliciousness of those carefree, homework-free months!  Our kids today have all the same opportunities to enjoy summer but it seems a little less easy-going with the ubiquitous health crises we are in. Consequently, snack ideas for kids during the summer need to elicit the playfulness of summer and still be healthy for their growing bodies.


Family Weight Loss Success Story: Mom and Christopher Lose a Combined 31 Pounds!**

Carolyn and her son Christopher were trying to eat healthy, but it was harder than they thought. One day, Carolyn asking Christopher if he ate any fruits or vegetables for lunch. He said yes, he had apple juice. Carolyn reminded him they were trying not to drink juice at home because it’s not healthy. “I thought apple juice was a fruit,” Christopher replied. “He looked so sad and confused,” Carolyn remembers. “He had clearly been trying hard to eat healthy.”

After a stressful school year, Carolyn decided Christopher deserved a change this summer. “Christopher was gaining a lot of weight and I was really concerned. I signed him up for Kurbo right after school ended.”


Frozen Fruit Treats To Kick Off Summer!

It is easy to rely on high sugar popsicles to keep cool during the summer but now is your chance to gain some healthier habits! One of my favorite ways to stay cool AND increase green lights is to replace popsicles with these tasty treats made with frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is naturally sweet, cold and healthy, and gives us so many different ways to replace store-bought high-sugar snacks with healthier alternatives. Plus, these treats are super easy, so you won’t have any trouble making them yourself!

Check out some of these frozen fruit treats and give one a try this summer!