Author:Sheila Petersen

Sheila’s Winter Warm Chai

When I am feeling under the weather or when the temperature drops in Chicago, I gear up with layers on the outside and warming drinks on the inside. I love to sip hot water with lemon, broth soups and my favorite new recipe I’m sharing with you today, Sheila’s Winter Warm Chai.

You can stay warm and healthy with this winter hot drink recipe and include these three simple ingredients in your next shopping trip.


How To Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

Even though I am a foodie to the core, the best way I’ve found to stay healthy through the holidays is to focus less on food and more on creative new family traditions. This time of year is full of heavy red lights and tons of food. Being mindful with portions sizes, chewing and slowing down is key. When you do that, you have enough energy to play with these three fun ideas to stay healthy this Thanksgiving:


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: After losing 19 lbs, Spencer is Turning his Life Around For The Better**

Spencer chose Kurbo because he was tired of feeling disappointed with how he looked and felt. Every other health plan he tried not only didn’t work but also made him feel worthless. “Even if you have tried other diet plans, don’t let your experience with those affect your choice to join Kurbo,” Spencer says. “Kurbo turned my life around for the better. Now, I don’t feel depressed, inadequate or worthless.”

With the help of his Kurbo Coach Sheila, Spencer learned how to reduce his impulses to eat red light foods. He wanted to take control of his eating behaviors. He hated feeling helpless. This was a turning point for Spencer. Working with Coach Sheila, Spencer became motivated to do what it takes to live a healthy life. He learned to be more mindful and make better choices at home and on-the-go with Kurbo’s red, yellow, and green light tracking system. Once Spencer started working with Coach Sheila, he never packed red light processed foods in his lunch again.


The Habit Hook – Creating Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime

The best way I’ve found to create sustainable healthy habits is to hook them together in what I like to call “The Habit Hook.” You do this by creating two healthy habits in your schedule each day. It can be hooking a healthy food with healthy exercise or reading a book before bed and getting a good night’s sleep. Set your intention over your impulse and watch how it can unfold in your family for life. Here’s are 3 ways to start “The Habit Hook” for your family to create healthy habits that can last a lifetime: 


How To Track While Away At Summer Camp

As a coach, there are two times of year where I see tracking get off course – summer camp and holidays. Typically, summer camps don’t have wi-fi access. This makes it difficult to keep goals top of mind and to get back on track once you return home.

Here’s are 3 ways to stay on track while you’re off having fun at summer camp:


Go Green This Summer With Coach Sheila’s 3+3+1 Formula

School may be out of session, but math is always in play. I’ve created this easy to use formula so you can make sure you are staying on track at the pool with your friends, at a summer BBQ with family or visiting a new city.

Here are 3 ways to plan ahead and use my 3+3+1 formula for going green this summer:

  1. Step 1 – Pick 3 fruits. Summer is my favorite time of year to add in juicy, delicious, and cooling fruits.
  • At home – Pick three colorful fruits to fill your plate like raspberries, blackberries, and nectarines. What three fruits will you choose?
  • On-the-go – Find a restaurant or corner store that offers fruit or fruit cups already prepared.
  1. Step 2 – Pick 3 vegetables. Hotel and restaurant menus are very tempting and loaded with red lights.
  • At home – Pick three colorful vegetables to steam like carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Rotate the type of vegetable you eat each week to prevent boredom.
  • On-the-go – Stay in the green and ask for a side of steamed vegetables for the table to share. Or, make a veggie tray to bring to the pool or summer barbecue.
  1. Step 3 – Pick 1 protein. There are many sources of protein, not just meat, fish, or eggs.  Did you know protein can also come from vegetables and legumes!
  • At home – Choose to cook black beans or lentils. They are both great sources of protein!
  • On-the-go – Lima beans, peas, and corn can make a great protein salad. You can also take a string cheese to go!

Using the 3+3+1 formula is a great way for your home to stay healthy and nourished all year long.