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Adult Success Story: Jenny, 35, transforms her relationship with her body, food and exercise and loses 11 pounds.**

Jenny heard about Kurbo from her employer and decided to sign up to gain healthier habits. “After the holidays, I got into some bad habits and I just needed a kick start. I wanted to lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier. As a parent with a full time job, I didn’t want to do anything that involved a huge commitment. I wanted something that was simple and less of a hardcore diet.”

She and Coach Maxine worked together to transform her typical food choices into healthier options. “I used to think that a protein powder shake in the morning would be a good idea. Coach Maxine taught me plenty of ways to get protein that are better for my body. Now I have a fruit and veggie smoothie with yogurt instead.”


Family Weight Loss Success Story: Mom and Christopher Lose a Combined 31 Pounds!**

Carolyn and her son Christopher were trying to eat healthy, but it was harder than they thought. One day, Carolyn asking Christopher if he ate any fruits or vegetables for lunch. He said yes, he had apple juice. Carolyn reminded him they were trying not to drink juice at home because it’s not healthy. “I thought apple juice was a fruit,” Christopher replied. “He looked so sad and confused,” Carolyn remembers. “He had clearly been trying hard to eat healthy.”

After a stressful school year, Carolyn decided Christopher deserved a change this summer. “Christopher was gaining a lot of weight and I was really concerned. I signed him up for Kurbo right after school ended.”


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Donovan, 11, discovers his passion for basketball, how easy it is to make healthy food choices, and impresses his dad.**

Donovan’s dad, Rommel, found Kurbo on his employer’s wellness plan and decided to sign up. “I wanted Donovan to learn about making better choices and to get more active, but I was looking to see if there was anything for kids that would make it more fun than just pushing ‘be healthy’ and ‘exercise more’,” Rommel explains. “I was excited to join so that I could become a better athlete,” Donovan says.

He was immediately drawn in by the thought of Donovan working with a personal health coach. “Kurbo’s personal coaching intrigued me because your child is able to hear from someone besides a parent, so I was hopeful that would make him more receptive to it,” Rommel says.


Kurbo Weight Loss Success Story: Sophia learns to resist her urge to snack and drops 12 lbs**

Sophia was having trouble resisting urges to snack at home. “I was home alone a lot and I didn’t have any self control. I was snacking too much and cooking a lot of unhealthy foods to eat when I was bored. I would try to stop snacking, but I just couldn’t do it on my own.”

She wanted something that would keep her accountable, and that was Kurbo. “I just wanted something where I could put down what I was eating and everything I was eating. I wanted some external form accountability,” Sophia says. She found Kurbo. “Kurbo took her dad and I out of the equation of trying to help her make healthier choices. Instead, it was a partnership with her and her coach,” her mom, Lisa, notes.


Family Weight Loss Success Story: Kelesia drops 2 BMI points and helps her mom lower her blood pressure!**

Photo above is of Kelesia (left) and her younger sister (right).

Kelesia’s mom was concerned about their family history of high blood pressure. “I worried that it might impact Kelesia and I tried to tell her that being overweight is a contributing cause for high blood pressure, but that wouldn’t resonate with her,” Leslyan says.

Kelesia chose Kurbo so she could get motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle. “We tried changing our eating habits, but we weren’t consistent with it,” Leslyan notes. “From the minute I heard about Kurbo, I was interested because you have your own personal coach who motivates you and educates you,” Kelesia shares.  


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Ava, 9 year old, loses 7 pounds and helps her parents lose weight, too.**

Ava’s weight was preventing her from reaching a goal she had been working so hard to achieve. “I was trying to learn my cartwheels but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get to the top of my cartwheel and I just felt like I had no energy,” Ava says. After her pediatrician told her she needed to lose weight, her mom, Stephanie, started looking for solutions.

Stephanie was exhausted from the ups and downs of putting Ava on a diet. “We tried everything to get her healthy but nothing worked,” her mom, Stephanie, shares. “I felt that we were kind of spiraling out of control because instead of losing weight she was gaining weight. That was when I saw an ad for Kurbo online and decided we would give this one last chance.”


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Sadie’s new approach to eating and health amazes her parents and doctors.**

After injuring her back in cheerleading class, Sadie, 15, began to put on weight. “As a result of this injury, Sadie stopped moving because of pain and continued to put on weight for almost two years.  It was a horrible time for us, and we wanted to find a way to get back to a healthier lifestyle,” Sadie’s mom, Fran says.  

Fran wanted to find a program that would give Sadie a mentor. She found that with Kurbo. “We wanted someone who Sadie could confide in about her food struggles. In the first 10-15 minutes when she was speaking with Coach Lindsay over videoconference, I knew that we had done the right thing,” Fran says.  


Planning for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time to try new things. Without the work and restriction that schools put on children, kids have much more time and energy to put into some other fun summer activities. This is true for exercise as well, as kids can experience different types of exercise and see which one they enjoy the most. So, here are some summer activities that will encourage kids to step out of their exercise comfort zones this summer!

1: SwimmingAs this article points out, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, as it uses most muscles in our bodies, thus making our whole bodies stronger as well as being key in the fight against obesity. There are many ways that Kurbo kids have tried to get involved in swimming in the summer. For example, Meg started synchronized swimming, while other Kurbo kids joined swim teams, water polo, or just started swimming daily laps in the pool.

2: Picking up a new competitive sport: Competitive sports are fun ways to getting that heart rate up and making sure we are developing the weekly exercise habits we desire. Kurbo kid Amy gave tennis a try, while some others started team sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Such sports help Kurbo kids learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and improve athletic ability too!

3: Dance: For those inevitable summer days where it’s just way too hot outside, dancing is a great indoor alternative form of exercise. You can look up dance videos or songs on your computer and just move along to them. Dance is very popular among Kurbo kids because it is just plain fun. Not only are we getting the necessary exercise by moving around the room, but we are having loads of fun while doing it. Dancing is a great way to express ourselves and it improves our flexibility, strength, and endurance.

4: Rock climbing: What better way to step out of our comfort zones than by climbing a colossal mountain? Rock climbing is yet another form of exercise that can be fun for anybody. There are many great rock climbing camps out there for kids to sign up for and do not require a lot of time commitment, such as the one Kurbo kid Ethan is going to. In addition to the satisfaction of stepping out of the comfort zone, climbing is really good for overall strength and getting some fresh air.

5. Bike: Get on your bike, and go wherever the wind takes you (with your parent’s permission of course). You can bike around your neighborhood or find new biking trails in the area to bike as a family over the weekend.

6. Community Centers: Find a local community center that might offer free work out classes or subsidized exercise classes and call them to find out about the schedule and offerings and how you can sign up. For example, the YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs often offer fun exercise classes for kids.

Summers are not meant to be spent on the couch staring at a screen all day. So, get off the couch and dabble in a few fun forms of exercise! See which one fits you best. Maybe you will even find your new favorite hobby!

Adult Weight Loss Success Story: When bariatric surgery failed for Lindsay, she found success she was looking for with Kurbo.**

After cycling through diets and even undergoing bariatric surgery, Lindsay wanted a healthy lifestyle she could sustain. “When I was 17, I had weight loss surgery, and then struggled with disordered eating throughout all of college and then had the surgery reversed right before I started Kurbo. I’ve probably been on every diet under the sun and I realized that dieting wasn’t how I wanted to live my life, I wanted to achieve more of a healthy lifestyle,” she shares.

Lindsay also wanted to prevent the long-term health effects of being overweight. “I work in the wellness industry, I know that being overweight is not good for your health. My work and the fact that my grandfather was diabetic contributed to my fear of becoming diabetic. I knew that I wanted to prevent the effects of being overweight,” she explains.


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Michelle, age 15, learns healthy alternatives to her family’s favorite cuisine, and loses 11 lbs!**

Michelle signed up for Kurbo after her doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital suggested she try it to improve her health. “I was interested because I wanted to see if it really worked for me. I was gaining more and more weight each year as I grew older, and I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle,” Michelle says.

Michelle was also concerned about her family history related to weight management. “My mom and my dad both have Type II Diabetes and my mom also has hypothyroidism, which makes it harder to loose weight. I was concerned about both of these health issues impacting me and I wanted to prevent that,” she explains.