Author:Cayla Pettinato

Inspiring Weight Loss Success Story: 27-year-old, Jannah, loses 12 lbs in 3 short months!**

Before Kurbo, Jannah struggled to lose weight. “I felt out of control. I was eating anything I wanted. And although I thought I was eating ok, I wasn’t seeing any success in reaching my weight loss goals.”

When Jannah heard that her employer was offering Kurbo, she thought it would be the perfect program to try. “I wanted to try something new. It looked pretty easy – something I could do. I wanted to eat right, lose some weight and be more active.”


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Gilbert Lowers His BMI by 3.3 Points Through Simple Lifestyle Change**

As he went about his day, Gilbert noticed that he felt “heavy” and lacked energy. So, he set himself a goal to eat healthy. When his school offered a free Kurbo trial, Gilbert was excited to sign-up! “After being briefed by someone who works at Kurbo, we felt that the program would be really beneficial,” shares Gilbert’s mom, Wiliana.


Gilbert was paired up with Coach Rossi. “It was so enjoyable to talk to Coach Rossi,” says Gilbert. “She is friendly and nice to talk to.” With Coach Rossi’s help, the family started making positive change. They switched from white rice to brown rice, packed healthier school snacks, started serving clear soups with meals and cooked with portion control in mind.


Kurbo Kid Liam’s Green-Light Banana Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day? We all know that ice cream is a red. But Kurbo Kid, Liam, has come to save the day. His banana ice cream recipe has no added sugar and no dairy! And the best part is that it only has one ingredient: a banana! Yes, that’s right. Liam has created green-light ice cream. Check out his recipe below:


Child Weight Loss Success Story: 10-Year-Old Abbey Initiates a Huge Kurbo Transformation!**

After many years feeling out of place, Abbey wanted to be proactive and make positive change. “Before Kurbo, I felt like I didn’t fit in. I didn’t feel confident in my body. I found Kurbo on YouTube and saw that it was working for other kids. I wanted to do the program, because I wanted to get in shape and motivate myself to be more active.”

Abbey’s mom, Jennifer, confirms that the decision to join Kurbo came from her daughter. “I have a very busy work lifestyle, but Abbey came to me 3 or 4 times about Kurbo, so I knew it was something she was really excited about. I thought it was great that she came to me wanting to eat better and increase her exercise. I did some research on my own and thought Kurbo had a really healthy approach to weight loss, so I was happy to sign her up for the program. At Abbey’s age I knew it important to focus on living a healthier lifestyle and not on dieting or counting  calories.”


Child Weight Loss Success Story: 9-year-old Zoe Learns How to Take Control of Her Own Health!**

Zoe thought the bullying would never end. “I didn’t feel happy about myself and I didn’t have much confidence. I was sad about being teased at school. I thought this was what I was going to look and feel like for my whole life. I wanted to eat healthy, but didn’t know how to do that or what that looked like. ”

Zoe’s mom, Marnie, also noticed a change in her daughter and was looking for a way to help. “A couple of years ago Zoe got really tall and heavy so quickly. Her doctor noticed that she was in the highest percentile of weight for her age. She was feeling pretty down and we had a conversation one night. I told her I would find something to help her manage her weight. I found Kurbo online and I liked it because it seemed doable for someone Zoe’s age, yet it didn’t seem dumbed down. I knew it would teach her valuable skills and information.”


Parent Success Story: Carol loses 25 lbs by doing Kurbo with her daughter!**

Remember Kurbo superstar and vlogger, Meg? Well, one very important part of her Kurbo journey was the support she received from her mom, Carol. In fact, Carol has seen her own amazing success since she signed her daughter up for coaching a year and a half ago.

At first, Carol said her role was to help Meg open up to her coach. Meg is somewhat shy. So, I would sit in on her calls to help her develop a relationship with Coach Thea. That way, she could eventually do it on her own.”


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Post-surgery, 15-year-old Breanna loses 22 lbs with Kurbo**

Breanna developed Cushing Syndrome due to a tumor that caused her adrenal glands to dysfunction. One of her symptoms was weight gain. “I felt really insecure. I felt like every other girl was smaller than I was. And despite everything I did, I couldn’t lose weight, because of my tumor.”

After her tumor was removed in surgery, last November, Breanna was determined to get her weight down. “My mom works at Stanford and told me about Kurbo. I saw the success stories on the Kurbo website. I thought, ‘If they can do it, I can do it.’ Kurbo was exactly what I needed.”


Weight Loss Success Story: In a Tough Time, 11-year-old Bailey Finds Inspiration Through Kurbo**

With the sudden passing of Bailey’s father, the family’s habits started to become unhealthy. “Last year was rough here,” Bailey’s mom, Katie, shares. “Our whole routine had to change. We had to adjust to our new normal. Often we would come home from work and school and I’d say, ‘let’s go out or pop in a pizza.’ I noticed that Bailey’s weight was starting to creep up little by little.’

Bailey too started to notice that her health and fitness was not where she wanted it to be.When I was playing a basketball game or another sport in gym or during my free time, I felt like I was getting tired before the other kids. Also, I realized that my lunch wouldn’t look as healthy as the other kids’ lunches. I felt like I wasn’t doing the best I could do. I wanted to step it up and be able to guide myself when it came to food.”


Parent Success Story: Kurbo is life-changing for Kate and her kids!**

Kate was very concerned about her 12-year-old son, Chris. She wanted to help him, but she didn’t know how to do so in a way that was appropriate for his age. “Chris was at an unhealthy weight. I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t know how to teach him to be healthy in a way that wasn’t detrimental to his self-perception.”

Then Kate’s mother-in-law told her about a program that she heard about on a podcast: Kurbo. Not only was Kate excited to sign Chris up for coaching, but she also decided to join as well. “I started tracking with Chris and I got a coach. I wanted to see what Kurbo was like and I wanted to see if it would work for me. I’ve never been able to lose weight on any type of program. Personally, I was feeling resigned and I had given up hope that I could see success with intentional weight loss.”


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: 16-year-old Carl Develops a Healthy Lifestyle in Preparation for College**

Before Kurbo, Carl was not where he wanted to be in terms of health and weight. “It was a weird situation for me where I knew I didn’t feel good about myself, but I couldn’t do anything to fix that. I would try to be healthier for a couple weeks and then it would all fall apart.”

When Carl expressed his desire to change his habits, his mom, Madeline, was happy to help. “Carl’s father’s side of the family has a long history of diabetes, so it’s certainly always been a concern for us. Since Carl is still young, it’s prime opportunity for him to develop a healthy lifestyle and reach a healthy weight. I knew that the longer he waited, the harder it would be.”