Adult Weight Loss Success Story: When bariatric surgery failed for Lindsay, she found success she was looking for with Kurbo.**

Adult Weight Loss Success Story: When bariatric surgery failed for Lindsay, she found success she was looking for with Kurbo.**

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After cycling through diets and even undergoing bariatric surgery, Lindsay wanted a healthy lifestyle she could sustain. “When I was 17, I had weight loss surgery, and then struggled with disordered eating throughout all of college and then had the surgery reversed right before I started Kurbo. I’ve probably been on every diet under the sun and I realized that dieting wasn’t how I wanted to live my life, I wanted to achieve more of a healthy lifestyle,” she shares.

Lindsay also wanted to prevent the long-term health effects of being overweight. “I work in the wellness industry, I know that being overweight is not good for your health. My work and the fact that my grandfather was diabetic contributed to my fear of becoming diabetic. I knew that I wanted to prevent the effects of being overweight,” she explains.

Lindsay was hoping that with Kurbo, she would transition to a more balanced lifestyle. “I didn’t have an authentic balance to how I was eating. I was either eating good or eating bad. Every Sunday night, I would say ‘This week, I’m going to be paleo, or low fat, etc.’ then I would get too tired and stressed to actually do it. I didn’t understand how to get to a healthy lifestyle and what options were out there to help me get there until I came across Kurbo,” Lindsay says.

After trying many food-tracking apps in the past, she was immediately pleased by how easy and stress-free it was to track her food with Kurbo. “Before when I tracked my food, I’d have to track in grams and ounces and hit targets for total carbs, fats, and protein. I was always so stressed out about hitting those targets and I think that prevented my weight loss. There is a simplicity to Kurbo that allows you to live your life and the week I started I began losing weight,” Lindsay shares.

Lindsay loved that she always felt she could be honest with herself and with her Kurbo coach, Arielle. “Before, I would avoid tracking my unhealthy meals, but I’ve never felt that way with Kurbo because I know that I can have those red light foods. In addition, though the app was initially designed for kids, I was able to work through issues that adults face with weight loss, like going out to drinks with friends, without ever feeling judged by my coach,” she says.

After feeling constantly deprived during her past diets, Lindsay appreciated that Kurbo made her feel comfortable eating red lights. “One of the things I love about Kurbo is that because I have a red light budget, it forces me to eat red lights. When you are a chronic dieter, you think ‘Okay I’m being good right now so I can’t have anything bad,’ but Kurbo expects that you will have drinks with girlfriends and nachos at the game. The difference is that I’m thinking about when I want to make those choices,” Lindsay explains.

Her secret to success was learning to treat her body with respect. “Coach Arielle brought awareness to my thought patterns and helped me to replace the negative thoughts with positive self-talk about my body. She really went above and beyond her coaching duties to focus on the mind-body connection so my body and mind became much less stressed out. When you love your body, you want to treat it well and give it healthy food, but you also know that when you eat red lights it can totally handle it,” she explains.

Now, Lindsay is confident not only in her body, but also in her ability to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle long-term. So far, she has lost 24 lbs and dropped 3 BMI points. “The success I’ve had with Kurbo is pretty profound given my history with weight loss struggles. It’s amazing to know that I have the strength, power, and intelligence to make healthy decisions for myself instead of having to get something like surgery to interfere with how my body is built,” Lindsay says.

Even months after finishing her coaching plan, Lindsay is still using the Kurbo app every day. “It doesn’t take that much time and I like knowing that I can enjoy my life. Tonight, I went to happy hour with coworkers and had a great time whereas before, going to happy hour with my coworkers I’d think, ‘Oh my gosh I’m falling off the wagon!’ I love being on the app still because it gives me a sense of ease and I can plan my week out,” Lindsay shares.

Lindsay would recommend Kurbo to people of all ages to achieve a healthy lifestyle. “It’s so easy, user friendly and simple anyone can do it. It is something you can do for the rest of your life. I think it is an amazing tool for parents if they want to invest in their family culture around body image, weight, and health. Having an overweight child was stressful for my parents, to the point where they helped me explore bariatric surgery. Kurbo could have helped our family talk about weight and food in a more positive and healthy way,” she explains.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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