After hearing about Kurbo through the university wellness program, Joella realized it aligned with one of her personal goals. “I was looking for mind and body health and I saw Kurbo listed as an option for weight management, which was one of my goals for the year. I didn’t know 100% it would work for me, but it sounded manageable. Ultimately, it ended up being the program that worked!” says Joella.

Despite having a clean family medical history, Joella still wanted to set a personal goal to make healthy lifestyle changes.

“I knew in order for this to work for me I would need both mental and physical health changes and would need to change both at the same time. I have tried many things in the past, but I was looking for a lifestyle change that was going to be easy to implement in my life. With young kids and a husband I can’t be as rigid with what I do. Kurbo fits its way into that really well. The program allowed me to be flexible and more mindful; I didn’t have to change my overall family structure, I could just tweak some things and give myself the benefits,” explains Joella.

Working with a health coach isn’t something Joella wanted at the beginning of her journey with Kurbo. Joel shares, “I wasn’t really happy about working with a coach. I thought it was a big time commitment and I knew I’d have to be accountable. It turns out, I really enjoyed working with Coach Bita I talked a lot with her; It really does help to be held accountable! I knew that she was going to look through my logging, and as much as I didn’t want to do that it’s actually a really big part of why the Kurbo program was successful. The tracking mentality is better and it helps solidify things so that when you are no longer working with your coach you can still be successful. For example, she gave me pointers about looking for sugar and looking at the ingredients of food. I wasn’t sure if what I was selecting was good and being able to ask her those questions about the nutritional aspects helped me feel confident with what I was bringing home to my family.”

Joella’s expectations were made up about what Kurbo would allow her to do. “Before, I didn’t feel like I could say yes to going out. I felt like I’d struggle to stay on the plan since I’m guild-conscious by nature. But, Kurbo encourages you to not play into that guilt an just plan ahead when possible. The stigma around bad food has been taken out! Having more of a healthy relationship and enjoying things in moderation puts things that people often view as negative into a positive light.”

This health journey carried some surprises for Joella. “I thought it was going to be a lot more restrictive than it was. Kurbo let me have more than I thought I could and still see results along the journey and I feel more energized.  I wanted to be able to wear all the clothes I was wearing before I had my kids and I’m definitely fitting into things I haven’t worn before. People make comments and ask what I’m doing and I get to talk about Kurbo. Seeing positive results around me is another way to stay accountable; It’s so energizing. I know I have found success and it is maintainable,” says Joella. “I took a chance and it turned into something that has been a positive influence on my life”.

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**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.