It’s hard to believe that a new school year is upon us as we soak up the final weeks of summer and start to plan for back to school. 

While summer brings those days of freedom, barbeques, social events, and family fun, it can be a relief to have the structure of the school year again as we ease back into a routine. Even though the calendar says that the new year begins on January 1, for most families the new year begins right alongside the start of school. This means that September can be a month of new goals and they can start with back to school ideas for a healthy year. 

Here are Kurbo’s top 7 healthy back to school ideas for kids and their families:

Make movement part of the daily schedule

Although some kids do get active minutes at school through P.E. or recess, try enrolling in group activities that help you achieve 60 minutes of movement… plus get some extra time in after school with your friends. A bonus of this can be improved sleep quality! 

Continue or implement screen time limits

Whether summer allowed for more screen time or less, it’s likely that the rules around screen time may need to adjust as the school year starts. Aim for less than 2 hours per day for any electronics, tablets, video games, etc. 

Keep the kitchen full of easy and healthy ingredients for breakfast

During the summer, often we have no time limit when it comes to preparing healthy breakfasts and eating them at home. Stock up on healthy staples now to make those busy school mornings a little easier. 

Make a calendar or meal planner to help with lunch organization

By packing a lunch when possible, you have the opportunity to gain control over what ingredients go into the meal. This is not only limited to school lunches but work lunches as well! For inspiration, take a look at the Kurbo Pinterest page or Kurbo cookbooks for lunches you can all try. 

Stay committed to planning ahead

Planning meals in advance can help mealtime stay consistent even when schedules change from week to week. Aim to have at least 3 home-cooked meals prepared a week, even making extra for those days you don’t have as much time! You can use those mealtimes as quality time to share with your family. 

Designate a bedtime for everyone in the family

As you approach this new year, sit down and talk about a realistic bedtime for each person in the family. During the summer months, bedtimes can really flex and it’s important to get back to a healthy sleep schedule to help encourage quality sleep that leads to productive days! 

Try to hold on to the most enjoyable parts of your summer routine

If you enjoyed family bike rides or walks, try to incorporate them at some point during the week. Stay connected to each other and carve out time to make memories during the school year, too!